stressing out

Is it likely that the biopsy results would be back two days after it being sent off does anyone know?? Just visited my GP to fill her in on the latest following her referal and she said she might be able to look them up on the linked database but obviously there was nothing she would be able to do if the results were bad news until my apt on Fri with the consultant. I said no, don’t look as although it is tearing me apart having to wait I would rather be in the right place to receive the news, good or bad as they will be able to answer any questions and advise what might be the next step even if it is all clear. Then a friend from work called (who had seen me in the clinic on Monday) to find out how I was and now I’m thinking, I wonder if they have checked the results on the system (which is very wrong thing to do and a dismissable offence so I’m sure they haven’t, but I think at this stage I’m grasping at straws and thinking well if they have looked they wouldn’t ring me if it was bad news would they? God, I am driving myself nuts now…
Two more sleeps, well two more nights as not getting much sleep.

Take a deep breath. You will have to wait, like the rest of us. It’s torture, we know. Your mind, like a runaway train, trying to find meaning in the most innocuous event. Mental images of Petri dishes, results on computer screens. Naughty colleagues, having a sneaky peek at your future. I want to shout STOP to you. But I know it is fruitless. You may just have to let these thoughts occur, let them occupy some space in your mind, for a short time, then try focus on something else. These thoughts will come and go, there isn’t much point in fighting them. This may not be helpful, but I recognise your torture, i had it too.

I don’t know but I would think it highly unlikely that your biopsy results would be ready within 2 days.

Please stop worrying…easier said than done I know and I’m the world’s biggest worrier. Try to relax. If it turns out you have breast cancer, then you’ll get used to waiting for results.

Maggie xx

thanks ladies, this site is amazing and you are all a big big help at this horrid time being able to give advice and be such a calming influence to us newbies, thank you! xx

Hi Lilginge
We do drive ourselves mad with all sorts of interpretations for everyday events.This morning , at the clinic, the breast care nurse greeted me by name
I immediately thought my case must be special (=cancer) or else she’d have no reason to know me. She

has only interacted with me once… As it turned out, I got good news and she is just good with names!

I guess I just wanted to reassure you that what you are going through is normal and that good news can happen. X