Strong painkillers

Hi there,

I am interested to know others experience with painkillers - I have been suffering from pain with a lump in my chest (regional recurrance) and have been prescribed a number of opiate-style painkillers which have worked great for the pain but have then brought me out in a terrible itchy rash which has ended up worse than the original pain itself! The skin all over my body was red raw.

The latest thing they have suggested is called Fentanyl - patches that you leave on for a week at a time. Anyone used this? Or had similar reactions to painkillers?

I am just using paracetemol at the moment but it’s not enough, and I’ve been told ibuprofen is dangerous to my stomach lining because I’m also taking steroids for an autoimmune condition.

Hi Scary, I’m so sorry to hear of your pain problems, I hope the patches work well, help without too many side effects. I found this in search,
and there’s other posts, threads in search which might be helpful.
Take Care…xx

Thanks belinda! I have posted on that thread too now - maybe someone there can advise x