Struggling with the news

Hi all
I am a 28 year old woman and have only just had a diagnosis. I’m really struggling with the news and don’t quite know what to do with myself at the moment :frowning:

hi Sophie,
So sorry you find yourself here & at your age as well.
Inevitably, it is a shock & we’ve all been there.
It does get better once your treatment plan is in place & you know what you’re dealing with. Thankfully, it has been picked up, so that it can now be dealt with, bc is very treatable these days.
There is plenty of support here, including others who are around your age, as well as those of us further down the line or going through treatment at the stage you’re at.
Do use the website here & there is also the helpline if you need to talk things through.
It’s best not to google your diagnosis at its not specific to you & can make anxiety worse.
Do come & chat here whenever you want or need to.
ann x

Hi Sophie, I’m so sorry you are having to go through this at your age, we do have ladies of a similar age here and some even younger at times! The shock will settle but allow yourself some time to let it sink in , its a huge thing to deal with mentally but you will do it just takes time, once you have a plan and treatment is under way you will feel stronger and more in control , you will find lots of support across the forum here and I hope you can take comfort in reading our experiences and seeing that we do come out the other side! Xx Jo 

Hi Sophie , i have just this moment placed an order on Amazon for a book this amazing lady has written . She has just been on B.B.C. Breakfast news and is inspiring with her courage . Its a difficult road to travel but have faith and courage in yourself , know that the support of us all here going through it is with you and get the book ! hugs from us all X



Ann and Jobey have really said it all the only thing I can add to their posts is there is a section headed Talk to people like me on which there is a thread younger women and families which might help you as well.


Have you had your treatment plan yet as that will set out what is going to happen going forward, once you have had time to take in your diagnosis this will help you to move forward.


We are all here for you and will help in any way we can and I would reinforce the other two saying do not google your systems, there is a lot of outdated and misinformation out there.  Your best source of information is your treatment plan and there is a very good Information and Support section on here with lots of easy to read booklets, I found them very useful as they set things out in laymans language.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx



Hi sophie , the other ladies are right , i was diagnosed 3 weeks back now and even though i had convinced myself i had it the diagnose was still overwhelming and i cried bukets spent days feeling like i was on the outside looking in , it felt very surreal .once i had my treatment plan , even though its still scary due to the unknown i fell much better .sending you hugs x