Stuck in limbo

Hi Ladies, Last year when I was diagnosed with BC my bloods came back slightly elevated ,I was sent for all the usual scans and they all come back clear.In March I had a pain in my liver area and iwas sent for an ultrasound which also came back clear.At my years check up I had a CT scan which showed spots on my lungs and liver I was sent for a bone scan and an MRI scan.I phoned my BCN for the results she said that it was good news the bone scan was clear and I would be scanned again in 6 months,I asked about the MRI and she repeated that I would be scanned again in 6 months.Yesterday got a letter from my onc saying exactly the same thing still no mention of the MRI results.Everyone is telling me this is good, but I keep thinking they are looking to see if it gets bigger. I have never been away from the hospital in the last 20 months and I don’t know how I will manage another 6 months not knowing.I have been reading the threads here for the last few weeks I think you are all amazing ladies.I can’t see my GP until October so I was hoping some of you may have some views.

Meg,I know it’s hard but try not to worry. Your scans must be clear as they have to tell you. Can you ask your GP to find out for you to put your mind at rest.ring and make an appointment tomorrow and talk to him about your worries. He would have any letters from your hospital and be able to check for you.
Huge hugs,Helen xxxxx

I suppose at least they are keeping a regular eye on you Meg but awful for you to have all this scanxiety.
Hope your appointment goes well in October. X