Stuck on the revolving door of the waiting room

Hi all

I went back for my results today. I saw a really lovely consultant,and he told me they never had enough of a sample to make a dx. He said they want to go ahead and take the lump out. So back to the waiting game :frowning:

About two/three weeks for the appointment.

Oh well thats it from me.

Take care all

so sorry Ohno, waiting is the pits :frowning: will be keeping everything crossed for you xxx

One GOOD thing is they’re going to take the lump out anyhow. The BAD thing is that you’re still in The Waiting Room.

I was really hoping you’d change your username to OHYES!!! accompanied by the triumphant fist in the air as you wave us all goodbye, so I’m sorry you’re still with us.

BUT… even though you’re still on the forums, it still could be a benign breast condition that’s caused the lump, so THERE IS STILL HOPE!!!

well at least they are going to go ahead and take the lump out, they might have decided to try again and do another biopsy.

to be quite honest no matter what the biopsy might have shown had they got enough of a sample, they never know for sure what the lump is until they have got it out and into the lab. So at first it might be frustrating not having more information, but the outcome is the same.

now wether it is a benign lump or a cancer the pre -op advice is the same.

Unless you are quite flat chested go and get a sports bra with seperate cups. If you can afford it go to a place that measures you so that you get a good fitting one. it is good to have one that breaths because you will wear it in bed too. You also need to tell them that you need room to expand the back incase you swell, and no underwires. A good fitting bra will make you feel so much better after surgery.

Next is not official advice, but it worked for me. Download the excercises on this site that you ar supposed to do after surgery and start doing them now. That way you know how supple you are at the moment and that is something to aim for after surgery. Also it is my belief that if you excercise the muscles they will be in a better condition to recover. And lastly if you know them already it will be easier to start them on day one after the surgery.

So another three weeks to go, then another week or two untill the appointment telling you what they found in your lump, it must seem like forever to you.