Stupid Liver Mets

Hi everyone

Im sorry for being a downbeat, think im just looking a wee bit of optimism this morning, but yesterday at mums appmt with onc she told us that there was slight progression in the liver mets.  Now she did say it was not anything to panic over but was moving mum onto Cape for foreseeable future.  I think we are just a little downbeat as the letrozole didnt work ( was on that from November). I asked bout receptor status and the Onc did check but its the same as primary which was not the right type for herceptin etc.  Any optimism or advice would be most welcome. Forgot to add that mum has no symptoms and the hip is healing nicely with no further spread!

Hello dinkybaby1.

I haven’t a lot to say but thought I’d give you a reply. I am an ‘older’ member of these threads (68) and was diagnosed metastatic in Nov 2014. I think your mum’s onc was being wise to move on after seeing a little progression. I haven’t taken capecitabine myself, but I have met some who have been on it for the long haul and it can be very effective. It is chemo but a tablet so also convenient. I think the side effects are mainly associated with feet and hands. If your mum has no symptoms of her secondaries…I don’t either, with mets in my bones and in a patch of skin on my chest…then that is a good sign. You say that her hip has been healing, and no further spread. That is good! Her onc wants to nip things in the bud. See how it goes. Get lots of cream for her hands & feet! Udderly is often recommended. It can be prescribed, or bought on amazon. Ask her breast care nurse. I was given a free sample at a secondary group and It does seem excellent.


There are quite a few threads here related to cape which would be worth browsing. I have been on letrozole…er+ve 8/8…which has given me stability inside, but my skin has progressed a little. I have just had rads x5 at the Churchill for that and my fingers are crossed for control there. But otherwise my onc has left me on letrozole. For now. Metastatic cancer is hard for us to cope with. You just never really know. I absolutely understand that myself, and find I live from scan to scan. My next is in March. Your mum has a good daughter which is a real help for her! Personally I think she has been given good advice by her onc, as cape is a good, effective chemo. Browse the threads. This one…‘Xeloda / Capecitabine - Your Top Tips, please?’…is near the top of the ‘Treatments and medical issues’ section…and has a lot of activity, including recent. Put your question in there. In such a busy thread it will be noticed. Read what they say. But always remember that everyone is different.


I’m sorry I don’t have anything too definite to say, but do keep optimistic. Your mum may just still be at the stage of finding what is best for her. She has only tried letrozole so far. All the best to you both. I don’t post a lot. I usually read the bone mets thread, and the cutaneous thread. But it is interesting to browse to see the wider picture and I noticed you! Take care and keep using the wonderful BCC website. Love to you both,




Thank you sooo much for taking the time to post! And for your kind words! I really appreciate all you guys here and your advice is invaluable!! God Bless xo

I know of people who’ve had liver tumours shrink or remain stable for years on Cape. Best advice seems to be treat palms & soles before they get sore - Udderly Smooth or Flexitol creams recommended.

Hi - just to say that I have been on Cape since November and it has worked wonder for me. I was diagnosed in Oct 2013 with secondaries (bone mets in my case - mainly spine) and was on hormone treatment for about a year, swapped to everolimus when the hormone treatment stopped working and was on that for about 8 months. But it made me very ill and didn’t work. My tumour markers went from a stable 800 to 1600 and the progression in my bones was a bit depressing as well as painful -  and it spread to lungs. Radiotherapy sorted the spine pain - and then Cap has brought the tumour markers back from 1600 to below 600 at the moment - and I feel pretty good. I haven’t any experience of liver mets but I was very ill in October, lost 3 stone and had some scary blood test results. Capecitabine  has worked for me so far. I really hope it works the same way for your Mum. Wishing you both luck with it.