Stupid question but not about hair!

This might sound very stupid.
I am almost 50 (June) and finished my chemo 2 years ago. Before DX i had no signs of the meno and onc said according to my blood there were no signs.
During chemo i started to get mild hot flushes.These have continued and startes tamoxifen 2 years comes April. Apart from a dry ‘you know what’ i dont get any other meno symptons, my hot flushes arent bad and seem to go through having them abit stronger for afew weeks then they die down for afew. Nothing that bothers me but think my EPO helps.
When i first went onto Tam the onc was worried about my weight gain and said after a couple of years they would test my blood to see if i had finished the meno. And if i had would poss put me on something else (i assume Arimadex).
I have put on a massive 12 kilos and when she sees me in April will have a bigger GO at me.
I have also read that there are better results from people who have had 2 years tam and the rest Arimadex so dont mind the thought of changing.
However, sorry to go on so long before getting to the question, because i still get mild flushes does this mean that i havent finished the meno?
Thanks Shirl X

Hi Shirl

I was 40 when first diagnosed and went straight into early menopause because of the chemo and my periods stopped. I was later tested to see whether I was post menopausal and I am now (just turned 53).

My understanding is that people are normally only given Arimidex once they are post menopausal but don’t quote me on that. I know when I was changed from tamoxifen to arimidex they had to check that I was post menopausal.

Have you spoken to your breast care nurse about this?


Yes Pinkdove is correct about the Arimidex. After the menopause our bodies produce oestrogen in a different way (from the adrenal glands I think). Arimidex targets this mechanism, so would not work in a pre-menopausal woman who will be producing it in her ovaries.

I think tamoxifen produces the hot flushes whether you are menopausal or not? I’m sure some will know if this is right or not. That is why you need a blood test to determine if you are really menopausal or not.

Thats great, thanks girls, so even though i still get minor flushes i might still have gone through it - i thought the meno last a good few years though?
i suppose if i have my blood checked thats the only way of knowing.