submusculair implamt reconstruction and exercise after?

I would realy like to hear how people are feeling with a reconstruction with the implant under the pecterol muscle.


I had a mastectomy on the right side 9 years ago (I was 36 then). I never had that reconstructed , way to scared about anything coming back on the site, the scar has healed really nice. I even have some feeling back now

This is how I am now. Sounds silly maybe but my 10 year old son only knows me with one breast.


Occasionally I have had panic flare ups about the other breast but has been fine untill november.

Luckily only a papilloma (nothing serious really), but I cant go through that again.

 So I am in the proces of deciding what to do.

I dont want to be flat. I want to stay as I am , but I also feel strongly I dont want this breast anymore.


I am offered implant under the pectoral muscle with a mesh (bovine) please can someone tell me if you are still able to lift things and do (normal) exersice?


I did read some threads about the mesh but couldnt really find about implant under the muscle. 

Hi, I had that op nearly a year ago and I am now back to running and playing badminton. I can lift things but still have to be careful not to lift anything too heavy and I wouldn’t do press ups! The result is cosmetic all very good although much firmer than the natural boob (which droops more, but I am 51!). It is however totally numb! Good luck with your decision making. Nic xx

I had an expander put in in may, to be replaced by silicon soon. I was back to gym, swim, yoga very quickly - once I could drive, about 10 days. The pec is a bit proud, as in it stands out with a bulge above the breast. Surgeon said she’d stretch it back in place when she does the switch.

I can do everything I could before, including pressups, though that side is weaker but I put this down to mx.

Had he strattice(bovine) in 2013,on one side ,had failed implants…(bilateral mx),so they came out.The strattice was left in,but that had to come out in the end!But,did not make any difference to how I felt,either side.I had a silicone implant in 2001 due to DCIS on one side,which,in the end had twisted ,DCIS other side,hence bilateral mx.Not sure if went under muscle,but felt weird,never got used to it.

the only thing I could not do was mash potatoes,?,as had no muscle above implant.Since then,have had DIEP,all movement has resumed!!!

I had a double mx with implants under the muscle and had to do gentle exercise for 3 months. After that I could go to gym and play golf etc. Great results!

I really hope all goes well for you! And try to be comfortable with being looked after. I only had the lumpectomy and than mx on the one side but I have always thought I should have take it bit more eAsy and slowly. It’s really difficult to do that.

That is really promising, really what I hope will be the case for me too.
I hope it will look ok, since there is no other. Ready to match it too. Bit surely that should be easier.