Such a confusing diagnosis!!

Has anyone else been confused with their DCIS diagnosis?  First they said “you haven’t got cancer” then they gave me loads of written info that said the DCIS is early breast cancer, then they advised flight socks as cancer puts you at more risk of blood clots, then they said again that it’s not cancer.  So confusing along this journey. ???

Hi, I was diagnosed with DCIS in February this year. When it was diagnosed my cancer doctor said ‘you have low grade cancer that requires surgery’ which was shocking but straightforward. Then half an hour later my breast care nurse said ‘it’s not cancer, it’s pre-cancer’. She then handed me the breast cancer care booklet on DCIS which states ‘DCIS is an early form of breast cancer’. My head was in a spin, which didn’t help me come to terms with my diagnosis or understand why I needed surgery!


Bottom line: DCIS is an early form of breast cancer. Cancer cells have developed in the ducts but have yet to develop the ability to spread outside of the ducts. In some places it’s referred to as ‘Stage 0 Cancer’ (which makes sense to me)


Perhaps some people think it makes it easier for us to be told ‘it’s not cancer’. I just found it frightened me more. I remember thinking ‘if it’s not cancer, why am I having half my breast removed?!’


In the end, I focussed on what my cancer doctor said: ‘you have low grade cancer that requires surgery’

and then after my surgery: ‘we removed 12mm of cancer’


Hugs xx





Wow, me too! Initial diagnosis on 28th August I was told I did not have cancer as DCIS, then when I saw the breast surgeon a few days later he said it was early stage breast cancer! Not only that, but I needed a complete mastectomy.  Now seen another surgeon regarding reconstruction and it all seems so unreal. Due to see the breast cancer nurse today so hopefully I’ll start to take things in a bit. When I got home yesterday I felt really angry about it all. Different messages, and now who knows whether it has spread or not. 


I’ve had similar, first had a biopsy with the cancer pointed out, and I was told I had DCIS non invasive - (Duct carcinoma in situ), then I had the operation to get the cancer out, but they said The cancer is “invasive”, so had to have a blue dye in my lymphnode sand bossom to see if it had spread.

Now waiting (total 3 weeks for prognosis as to whether the cancer has spread to my lymph nodes or not)…

As I have a VERY active imagination, but I do have a few friends who have been through Breast cancer stages very similar, with Radiotherapy and “the blue pill”.    I still can’t believe I have cancer.!!! even after 2 operations.

Hiya. I was diagnosed last week and they said at the screening centre it’s precancerous, but gave me a leaflet saying it’s early stage cancer. I’ve to have the area removed and then 4 weeks of radiotherapy, and feel a fraud because folk go through actual graded breast cancer. I have my surgeon on 6th January so will put it on my list of questions to ask. For now I’m calling it my non cancer

How are you doing now?