Sudden large lump and now spreading thickening

Hello All

I am a fifty year old woman ( JUST! LOL) - I have a mirena coil and it is my second one - so i have had one for more or less 8 years - as such i dont know where i am in my cycle nor do i know if i have had or am experiencing menopause

I have fairly large breasts - 38dd that arent very dense, 7 days ago i found a lump in my right breast which i am sure hadnt been there before. It was on the upper outter curve of my right breast - about the size of a golf ball in diameter . I couldnt really tell how deep it was - there was no skin rash, puckering, heat, redness, orange peel effect - nothing odd about the nipple, no tenderness. It seemed to move freely but i do find it hard to tell if its moving on its own or if other breast tissue is moving too.

At the time i was not in the uk but i flew into a panic and called my gp to ask if i should see a doctor where i was - he said he wouldnt diagnose over the phone but he thought there was no cause for alarm and i have an appointment to see him tomorrow, now that i am back in the UK.

Over the past six days my mind has been playing games with me and i have been feeling myself way too much. At times i think the lump has shrunk but i wonder if thats just because i have got used to it. It seems to have spread out in diameter but flattened out at the same time and is not as much of a LUMP as it was at the start. It feels more prominent when sitting or standing rather than when lying flat on my back. But what worries me most is that I cant really say what shape it is - its not a well defined shape more of a lumpy mass.

Of course I have scared myself silly ( stupidly ) by googling and i know i should be trying to relax before my appointment tomorrow and just let my gp do his work - - but i was wondering if anyone else experienced a mass appearing as large and suddenly as this did.

I know i am rambling on but i have noone else to talk to about this as i am a carer for an elderly parent and obviously dont want to worry them before i know for sure whether there is or isnt anything to worry about.

thanks for listening

Hello Babybyrd

You know the answers to your questions yourself - you can’t self diagnose no matter how similar your experience is to someone else’s. You are doing the right thing going to see your GP and in the meantime remember most breast abnormalities are benign.

I hope you receive good news if not tomorrow then when you go to the breast clinic.


Okay - that is out of the way, there is too much out dated information on the internet and you will just scare yourself! See your GP who will probably refer you to the breast clinic and take it from there. The worst bit about all of this is what we call “the waiting room” - hopefully it will be nothing, but if it is something then they will have a plan. Follow the plan.

Come back and tell us how you get on - we see so many people who post up worrying posts and then we never see them again because they get good news and carry on with their lives. I hope you are one of these people but that you remember that we all love hearing good news!


Back from gp - even from palpation he had a different feeling about the lump than me - he could feel clearly defined edges which i couldnt etc etc - he could tell how freely it moved which i couldnt.

just from the palpation he was sure it was a cyst but he did an aspiration on it and sure enough a lot of clear fluid was withdrawn and lump itself has basically now disappeared. I am returning for a check up in three weeks but can go before if i am concerned. I feel a different person than i have for the last week, i can tell you.

If anyone is in the same position i was until today - ie waiting for diagnosis/examination and trawling the internet - if youre reading this - i can say hand on heart that googling is your enemy as is your imagination. yes we have to be realistic but its only in retrospect that you see that worry actually acheives nothing - especially if it was needless.

I hope any others seeing their doctor or getting test results today all end up as relieved as i do ( a celebratory merlot at midday for me - how lush!)

Fantastic news! Thanks for letting us know.

In the nicest possible way, I hope you never have to come back here again.

Thank you for coming back and letting us know. You wouldn’t believe how many worried people post messages and then we don’t hear from them after they get their results.