Sun Today

Sun Today

Sun Today The Sun has a three page spread on breast cancer today. Mainly about herceptin a year on…good coverage and case studies which include some posters from this site. Don’t much like the headline about ‘life never better’ ,will anyone dare to feature a case of someone for whom herceptin hasn’t worked? but otherwise good coverage. Great Ask the Prof (Alan Ashworth of Breathrough’s Research Centre) Q and A which firmly knocks some of the myths about causes of breast cancer: deodorants, bumps, dairy, electricity pylons.

Worth 35p though you do have to turn the pages on the Sun’s other trash to get to page 40.


Hi Jane Hi Jane,

It’s so nice to know that my breast cancer wasn’t caused by me bumping into a cow under an electricity pylon while wearing deodorant.


Best wishes,


SuperSue Dear SuperSue,

Just wanted to thank you for making me laugh today - what a brilliant response.


Heee heee heee! love it superSue!

It’s on the web as well Or to save you the bother of wading through the rest of the paper to get to the one decent article (!), you can read online at:,11040-2006450106_3,00.html

Don’t know how long the online articles stay up for though.

Made me laugh too Sue With all the angst of this disease, it is so good for the soul to have a sense of humour, and you have it in droves! Keep posting Sue.