Sunbathing after chemo.

Sunbathing after chemo.

Sunbathing after chemo. I finished chemo last July but my skin is so different when i sun bathe.
I have always had very fair skin and burn very easily but i have found it only takes me 10mins in the sun and i am glowing. Is this because my skin is still sensitive after the chemo and how long will this last?


Take Care Hi Ruth, I finished chemo in Feb 2006 and for the whole of last summer my skin too was very sensitive. I’d read somewhere that it can take up to 2 years for the body cells etc to return to normal.

This year I have a lovely healthy glow, I too am quite fair and have to take care in the sun.

Make sure you use a good quality sun lotion with 5 * rating for UVA and UVB and apply regularly. I have found I’m ok this year but I do use much more sun lotion than I’ve ever used before, need a bank loan to pay for it, hee hee. Don’t want to be running any risks.

I think its like everything else, it takes time, and we try to think we are ‘back to normal’ but in effect we aren’t.

Hope this helps
take care
Clemy X