Sunbathing on tummy

Hi all,

I had an immediate reconstruction with a pre pectoral implant following left mastectomy in October 2018 for DCIS.  Luckily there was no invasion so I didn’t need any further treatments. I have been making good progress, returned to work and resumed most normal activities. At first I could only lie on my back to sleep but now I can lie on either side without too much discomfort - which feels amazing !  I am going on holiday in a few weeks and looking forward to relaxing and lying in the sun.  So far I have not lay on my tummy, mainly for fear of the implant. Does anyone have any advice regarding lying on their tummy, post implant, or has anyone found a pillow with a ‘boob shaped’ hole in the middle !!  Thank you

Hi beachcomber,

I know there are special shaed pillows out there to support under the breasts (my chiropractor has one), but I think they are bulky so may not be a good idea for travelling. Before you go, you could try a folded towel across the bed just below your breasts, to raise you a bit.  I have been recommended to do this, but lower down, for back problems I have, and in particular when I’m having a massage.

Enjoy your holiday - after all you’ve been through, you deserve it. x

Hi Beachcomber


I’m a double expander babe! I used to place a soft pillow immediately beneath my boob area when having a massage (on a firm couch). Obviously you’ll need to gauge the size of the pillow to your boobs, size wise. Other than that, if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll just have to “sit” with your back to the sun and sip!!

Have a great time

Delly xxx