Hi ladies, i just wanted to know are you allow in the sun. As i been out for a walk today.

Rose x

Hi Rose, good for you!
Yes, of course you are allowed out in the sun, but please be careful to protect from possible sunburn. Not very likely in September in the UK, but not unheard of.

If I recall, you are on chemo just now which can make your skin more sensitive to sun, so a hat (or wig) and long sleeves seem wise.

When I did chemo I was told to try to get out every day if I could, so well done you! It makes you feel so much better to get out doesn’t it?

Take care, and hope all goes well for you.

Thank you Cat :::slight_smile: i feel better for going a good walk it was lovely today and i had a nice lunch too.

Rose x

Agree with the others. You may find you’re quite a bit more sensitive to the sun so take care if it suddenly gets very hot/sunny (not likely!) but a walk on a sunny day can only be a good thing. You’ll also get a nice dose of vitamin D from the sun which is good for us.
Elinda x