Morning ladies. Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather. Just wondering if you take supplements (if skin, hair & nails or biotin) during chemo or afterwards when hair growing back? I intend to try cold cap but want to try everything I can to minimise hair loss. Already have wide tooth brush, baby shampoo, silk pillowcase and beanie hats. Thanks Helen xx

Hi Helen

I was advised to take nothing during chemo including biotin. I do have it ready for in a couple of weeks when I finish chemo.

My onc said they cant be 100% certain how some chemo drugs interact with supplements so it was best not to take them at all. Im now on weekly Paclitaxel so was told a week or 2 after finishing I can take it

You may find ladies that were told some things are OK, it may be best to get your particular hospitals/oncologists stance on it.

Jen x