Support from The Haven

Hi to all.
I have been dx with secondary bone mets still awaiting full dx after CT scan. I was looking for support groups in my area and thought I would share the following.
The Haven in Leeds 0113 2847829
The Haven in Hereford 01432 361061
The Haven in London 020 7384 0099
The have a website
They offer: Emotional support , Complementary therapies, Advice on healthy eating, Excercise, relaxation, seminars and financial guidance. They taylor the support for your individual needs. They have cancer nurses, and councellors and if you not near one can help with DVD’s.
I have a appointment this week to discuss my dx , what treatment I am having etc
Hope this helps
Vodkasue xx

Thanks Vodkasue, Good idea to mention the Haven.
Two other organisations to mention are the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Shere Surrey (near Guildford), and the Olive Tree in Crawley West Sussex. Harry Edwards have a weekly cancer support group (bluebells), and also offer counselling, aromatherapy, reflexology and healing. They also run various courses on diet, meditation, relaxation, dance, art etc - as well as a support group for carers. the Olive Tree offervarious complementary therapies etc.