support groups - face to face

support groups - face to face

support groups - face to face I’m wondering whether you all attend local support groups or rely solely on this forum for support. I have not been able to make any contacts locally as I have been a private patient and it’s only the NHS which seems to run regular meetings. This has been a major drawback for me. Has any one been to the Haven in Putney?.

Hello Frances Have you actually been banned from the support groups, or are you going on what has been said by a third party? I see no logic in refusing any cancer patient access to support groups if that is what they need. I would turn up at one and take it from there.

I also find that a bit strange (though I suppose some groups may only accept patients from their NHS hospital). I know that the Cancerkin support group run from within the Royal Free in Hampstead allows anyone and I have a friend who attended the St Thomas group (I think), despite it not being her hospital.

Good luck

your replies are interesting. I again spoke to the Breast Care cancer nurse specialist again today explaining the situation but she was not at all responsive about even putting me on a waiting list. I feel really let down by this hospital in this regard. I am not even able to go on their waiting list for the support group. Having received both of your replies I think I might have a bit more impetus to ask again. I am feeling really desperate now to meet up with others of a similar age in a support group setting.

London Haven is the best!!! Just cant recommend the Haven in Fulham enough- its fantastic. They run regular support groups and have regular workshops and seminars. Everybody is really friendly… and you get 12 free complimentry treatments as well! I have made so many good friends.

I think that all people affected by Breast Cancer in the South East area should try to check it out, its wonderful. Everybody is welcome. I think they like you to enrol on the two day introductory workshop (which is also really good and also free!) and there after you can come and go as you please.

You must go. Give them a ring tomorrow and find out more.

best Stella

st thomas support group for newly diagnosed women runs every friday 11.30 to 1.30 at the David Dimbleby Centre and is open to any women, regardless of whether they are being treated at St Thomas Hospital. St Thomas’ is opposite side of the river from Parliament, 10 mins walk from Westminster tube, or 10 mins from Waterloo.

The nurse in charge is called Rosemary Burch and she is exceptionally good.


support groups How envious I am of you with support groups in England. I know everybody moans about the NHS but I think thats one of the things they are good at. Here in France, I have fantastic medicine, no waiting etc - but I think they consider support groups are for the weak (just my opinion). In the oncology ward there is a lady that floats about asking anybody if they have any problems they want to discuss, but when she asked me - well it would be difficult to find the right words in English let alone my poor french - so I just say everything is fine, which it isn’t. So that is why I am so grateful for this forum!!

Bonne Chance to you all - Jane

This group is really good Definitely agree with this, as the hospital I was being treated at didn’t have a support group so I go the St Thomas’ one and have found it a great help.

I met other women whilst I was having chemotherapy, but just couldn’t see this as a ‘social occasion’, just wanted to get in and out, so the separate group was what I needed. In fact would be there today if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve just had my op and can only move like a robot.