Support through last cycle of chemo

Hi everyone!

My first post on here so hope its in the right place. I’m looking for some advice on how to support my mum through her last cycle of chemo. She is now 1 week into her 5th cycle and has one still to go. With each cycle its taking its toll on her a little bit more and she’s now feeling that she doesn’t want her last treatment as she can’t bear the thought of feeling so ill again.

On the whole she has been so positive, approaching the whole thing with a “fight this” attitude so its heartbreaking to see her feeling so low. I’ve been helping with things like shopping, housework etc, and buy her flowers or other little gifts. Is there anything I can do to help restore her “fight” ready for the next one? I think we are all feeling that the end is so close, but yet not quite within reach.

Thanks for reading. And sending much love and luck to everyone going through this horrible journey xxx

Twizzels. … It is so hard if you have had a bad experience to think of going through with it again, poor Mum. You say she was feeling so ill with her treatment, has she been upfront with her team re her symptoms? Obviously what will make one person feel really sick might make another feel a little nauseated. It might be a change in medication would help. The chemo itself can make you really depressed and I know on the forums many ladies express their dread of carrying on. However most of them do continue it’s just that you need to grit your teeth and pray. I have one more to go through myself and if you asked me in week one of my fourth course I too would want no more. It might help you or Mum to contact the Helpline and talk over your problems. Each time I have contacted them with a they have helped me so much.
I do hope Mum will be better soon, it is so hard to stay positive if you feel awful. She has a lovely caring daughter in you, hold on in there . All fingers crossed for Mum’s future treatment.
Big Hug

Hi Twizzles and welcome to the forums

As Cackles has kindly suggested, it may help to contact our helpline where you can speak to one of our team here, the lines are open 9-5 during the week and 9-2 Saturday on 0808 800 6000

take care

Hi Twizzles, I know just how your Mam feels. I am now over 2 years down the line from my last chemo, at number 4 I was ready to give up as I had been so ill, my daughters kept me going like you are doing with your Mam. She has only 1 to go so it is nearly at an end, she has my sympathy but after another few weeks of feeling bad the elation when it is all over is great and she will soon feel much better. Unfortunately we have to go through this when we have BC but keep your mind on the fact that at the end the cancer will be gone.
I had radiotherapy as well after chemo and this was a walk in the park for me.
Hugs for your Mam and you.