Surgeon referral

Surgeon referral

Surgeon referral I have posted this on behalf of new user Ali

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I’m not sure who to talk to about this but I guess this is the best place.

I saw my GP about a lump in my breast, an inverted nipple, discharge and breast pain a week ago. I have been referred to a surgeon but was not given any more information or any indication of when this would be.
I was so nervous (I’m only 24) and I was on my own so I just thanked the GP and left wthout asking any questions.

Is this normal procedure?



yes it’s normal All breast clinics are run by surgeons but it doesn’t mean you will always have surgery.

Try breast cancer care’s info on referral to a breast clinic

You have done the right thing in getting to your GP and you have been referred to a specialist in breast problems - which are very common. 9 out of 10 cases turn out to be benign i.e. not cancer,


Hi Ali Oh I so remember the shock the first time they referred me to a ‘breast surgeon’! I thought they were called ‘consultants’ …

I have seen 3 or 4 breast surgeons now, but have not had surgery. With any luck, your condition will turn out to be benign, but good you’re getting it all checked out.

Very best of luck - thinking of you,
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try not to worry-your refferral is correct procedure and also appointment should be quite quick-there are standards set that hospitals are meant to keep to.You may go to a one stop breast clinic where you may be seen ,have scans etc all on same day-so dont panic if this happens.Its all very worrying but many many more referrals turn out to be totally fine -if there is a problem then at least you are getting on the road to being sorted.Thinking of you and keep posting so we know how you are doing and any support you need we will sharonx

Thanks Thanks for replying to my post. It’s great to know that there is support from people who know what you’re going through.

Thanks again.


no knowing what questions to ask that is also completely normal as going along to a GP/hospital with odd breast symptoms is very scary.

I would suggest taking a friend to consultations. You can wait a long time and having someone with you makes this more bearable. Plus they can take notes / ask questions if you prime them in advance about what you want to know.


Contact your GP Dear Ali,

I agree with what has already been said about taking someone with you for support. If you still haven’t heard from the hospital then I would suggest that you ring your doctor’s surgery and explain that your GP referred you to a breast specialist after your last visit. Tell them that you haven’t received a hospital appointment yet and ask if you were referred for an urgent appointment (in which case I think you should be seen within two weeks). If not then ask how long it is likely to be before you see the specialist. If they don’t know the answers to any of these questions then ask them politely if they could find out for you. It is also worth asking exactly who you have been referred to (i.e. the name of the specialist, which hospital and department). You can then ring the hospital yourself (if you know the name of the specialist then you can ask to speak to their secretary or alternatively the breast care unit), explain that you have been referred by your GP and that you have not yet received an appointment and ask when it is likely to be. Also, tell them that you are worrying and are anxious to be seen as soon as possible. If you are not happy with the length of time that you will have to wait, and you still have the same symptoms, make another appointment to see your GP and tell them that you are very worried, unhappy about the wait and would like to be seen sooner. Please can they refer you for an urgent appointment. I think they tend to regard younger women as ‘non-urgent’ but if you were my daughter then I wouldn’t want you waiting more than a few weeks at most. Take someone with you to the doctor’s, preferably an older woman who will stand her ground and tell your GP that younger women can get cancer and they are not happy about the wait. Your GP is more likely to respond to pressure from them. Every woman should be entitled to prompt follow-up whatever their age. I hope the appointment comes through but if not, don’t wait, follow it up.

I hope that when it’s all checked out you’ll be OK but it is only human nature to worry until that time.

Best wishes
Francine x