Surgery Date

Hi All


Got my date for surger y yesterday and having a WLE and SNB. The surgeon has said that he has got to reposition the nipple due to the amount of tissue being removed.


How was this for anyone else?? Any hints and tips for recovery etc. Hubby wants us to go away for a few days 3 days after the Op, not sure about it, what does anyone think??


Nervous about the surgery but want it over now.

Bellas Mum I had a WLE and SNB in October but I didn’t have the nipple repositioned. The op itself was very straightforward and I recovered really well physically but there was no way I’d have been up to a few days away that soon. You may well be fine but I would wait to see how I felt. You don’t know how the anaesthetic will affect you, you might be sore. I wouldn’t want to feel under pressure to go (which I would if it was booked and I’d feel I was disappointing my husband). Good luck!

Hi Bellas mum, I had a lumpectomy and 2 nodes removed and felt fine afterwards, no real pain just a little uncomfortable and would happily have gone away for a few days, I recovered really well and was out and about within the week and driving again, I know we are all different but I was on a high after my op and a few days away anywhere would have been wonderful! Xx Jo 

Hi Bellas Mum

I’m a veteran of repositioned nipples. I had a therapeutic mammoplasty on my BC side, and a breast reduction for symmetry on my good side. And I needed a second operation on both to remove more tissue, so my nipples got moved again.To be honest, i dont think it was any big deal. I don’t have quite the same amount of feeling in them,  but I do have some. And removing lots of tissue and excess skin has given a better breast shape than I had before.

I had a lot of problems finding a comfortable position to sleep in after surgery, and wouldn’t have wanted to be in a strange bed. It wasn’t painful during the day, but the nights were difficult. If you’re having a lot of tissue removed, it’s a longer operation and takes a bit more out of you. Everyone is different in the way they recover, but you could be very tired, and might not be up for much if you do go away so soon after the operation. I should have been going abroad on holiday two weeks after my operation, but cancelled it because I just wasnt ready to do enough to make it worthwhile.


I hope it all goes well for you, good luck!

Hi Bellas Mum,
I had a wle & snb through the same incision, so my surgery was as minimal as it could be.
I recovered quite quickly, but for a couple of days I did feel spaced out following the anaesthetic, so I curled up on the sofa & watched a lot of Netflix. On the 3rd day, I was pretty much up & about as usual.
Maybe just see how you feel, but do listen to your body.
ann x