Surgery first Vs Chemo first

Hi, I’m having some thoughts today about my treatment plan. I’m ER+, HER-. 3cm tumour with lymph nodes affected. My treatment plan is chemo first and then surgery and rads. She originally said chemo first to shrink the tumour as was hoping for a lumpectomy. Since my first chemo (2nd one due this week) They have discovered more cancer in the same breast so now I will be having a MX and FNC. This has now got me thinking shouldn’t I have my MX first now and then the chemo after to get any stray cancer cells. The consultant still thinks chemo first is the best course of action but the way I’m thinking it would be better to have MX now and then continue with the chemo. Has anyone else had this thought after starting chemo and then finding out they need full MX. Thanks for your help lovely ladies. I’m going to speak to BN about it today as well X

Perhaps they want the chemo first to kill any cancer that may have strayed elsewhere due your lymph involvement. I know that once you have surgery they cannot give you chemo for a fews weeks because your scars have to heal and the chempo would delay healing. If they gave you the surgery and that delayed the chemo it might not be the best protocol. I am only sumising of course. I would ring the nurse. My nurse is fabulous and rings me everyday to see if I am OK or have any questions.


I am having surgery first but my cancer is tiny 3mm or the size of a peppercorn - then because mine is HER2 positive I have to have chemo.


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Hi Millasmummy

I had neoadjuvant chemo there was never any chance of me having anything other than a full MX so it wasnt a case of shrinking it for a lumpectomy for me. Chemo before worked really well and the tumour etc shrank week on week from 7.5-8cms to next to nothing by the time surgery came round.
I know this is slightly different to your question but wanted to reassure you that it works having chemo first
Jen x

Thanks Blueash and JenJen that’s made me feel more at ease. I spoke to BN as well and she has reassured me too. I just went into a bit of a panic this morning, too much thinking! X