Surgery for bone mets this Thursday

Hi ladies

The biopsy results were back today - It’s definitely secondary and I need the Proximal Femoral Replacement - booked in for Thursday at Oswestry…

They are coming to pick me and my hubby up tomorrow morning, for the joy that is ‘pre-op’ tomorrow…

Prob be back in around 10 days with my new bionic hip…

Hope everyone is okay xxx

Good luck with it all poannie - and as you say hope to see you back with all your news on around 10 days.

dawnhc xxxxx

At last the results now you can put all your energy forwards towards the op… the very best of luck and a big hug, we shall all be waiting to hear how you are progressing.


Good luck Poannie

I’m sorry it’s secondaries Poannie. Hope all goes well with the op…I truly did feel bionic after my op…wait till you see that replacement on an x-ray…it’ll look so strong and solid. I’m now taking my replacement hip on a shopping marathon…Good Luck…Love…Belinda…xx

Just wanted to say good luck poannie - will b e thinking of you


good luck for your op xxx

Good Luck Poannie

Hope it all goes OK and you are back here posting real soon.

Take care

Good Luck from me too, Poannie.

Was talking about Oswestry Hosp yest - bro’s wife has got back problems and it is highly recommended.

Thinking of you

Love Anne x

PS Whereabouts in the country are you?

Good luck with your surgery today.


Hi Poannie

Good luck with your op today, hope all goes well and that we hear from you soon.

Take care