Surgery for Stage 4.Time for a second look?-A must read!

Hi ladies

I came across this very recent (2010) PubMed article regarding surgery for woman with stage 4 breast cancer.
It talks about surgery for limited liver/lung metastasis BUT further down the article,it also talks about removal of the primary (breast)tumor and how it DOES increase survival in woman dealing with secondary/metastatic breast cancer.
Im glad I came across it at the right time and it just confirmed my gut feeling to go ahead with my surgerys.

I hope this article can help some woman in their healing and survival.Be informed,be proactive!

Hi 2x

Sorry I don’t know your history, are you referring to being dx with mets from beginning and no removal of primary in breast/or entire breast?

Or have I got Mixed up… Not for the first time I may add!!!



I was diagnosed stage 4 from the beginning.i had a breast tumor and a single lung met.I opted to have the breast tumor removed and i was able to have the lung met removed as well.
This article is for woman diagnosed stage 4 from the start with a breast tumor AND have limited number of organ matastasis.

Most oncologists have this view of ‘it doesnt make a difference in a womans survival,to remove the primary/breast tumor since the cancer has already spread.’
This article is saying the opposite and the reasoning.