Surgery in 2nd half of Menstrual Cylce seems to improve prognosis

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I am due for surgery on 29th August and I’ve come across a bit in Chris Woollams book which suggests that it’s better to have surgery in the 2nd half of your menstrual cycle when progesterone is dominant and not oestrogen. I discovered that there have been 2 studies done at Guys hospital and I spoke to Mary Brown (lovely woman) who has sent me the relevant articles. I wonder if anyone else knows about this as it seems to me that surgery should be scheduled to give women the best chance when the evidence more than suggests that it’s better. Let me know…


I looked into this but there seemed to be some debate about whether it worked or not, depending on what had happened to your tumour in the past. By the time I had the surgery following diagnosis, I had already had one lot of surgery (for a supposed benign lump) plus biopsies several months earlier. I also found my cycle became completely irregular in the period after diagnosis probably due to stress. So trying to work out which part of the cycle it was proved difficult. I was also told that it would delay things if I didn’t go ahead as planned by the surgeon.

I would have preferred to try it but I had a grade 1 tumour with focal DCIS around it.

I am still here five years later.


Hi Sequanna,
I looked into it and spoke to my breast surgeon, he said research was abit hit and miss not really conclusive and that because i was having chemo first that would prob knock my periods out which it did, so I would not know what was happpening with hormones and cycle. I had option for surgery or chemo first, I wanted to get chemo in me straight away, I had grade3 invasive ductal and felt that if it had spread to nodes etc I wanted chemo quick then ops. For me it was the right decision because when I had my ops, I had lumpectomy first, then needed wider margins and had full clearance,(1/16 affected) then had a seroma that had to be drained and got an infection so I had to have a 3rd op . Totally successful. Following this I had a wait to heal to start rads. 3 ops in about 11 weeks, so if that had happened if I had ops before chemo I would of waited ages for it.

I was dx July07 and have just finished rads and am now on Tamoxifen. Are you having chemo or do you not know yet?

I have read Chris Woolams books and use the cancer active website, also I find the Icon magazine from them brilliant . Have you seen it?
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