Surgery, Mets and NSAIDs

Hi ladies, I’m reatively new to this forum & I wondered if any of you can advise with your combined wisdom!

I’ve had MX, ANC, FEC, rads and my onc is currently whizzing me through every chemo (Paclitaxel/Gem and now on CAP) possible - nothing agrees with me and I’ve had severe side effects with everything so far. Because chemo isn’t agreeing with me, my onc is keen to operate on a lump under my arm (they must have missed some nodes!) and also a small recurrence in my recontstructed breast. My currently very small mets are in my lungs.

I wondered if any of you have had surgery after a secondary diagnosis. I’m not convinced as I’ve heard that removing primary tumours can cause more mets? I’ve also come across research that suggests taking NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatories) such as Diclofenac can reduce risk of further mets. Would really appreciate your advice. Katherine xxx

Hi Killerk I have lung and bone mets my GP has recently prescribed Diclofenac for pain relief but really strongly advised that rather than ibuprofen he didn’t say why but maybe he’s thinking it may help… Interesting!
Tracy xxx