Surgery on Friday - but I have a cold!!!!!

Hi all, I am new to this so not sure about some of the abbreviations. I had my bc diagnosis on the 22 September - well that was a shock 36 yrs old and no family history!
I am due to have a lumpectomy this Friday after what seems like a lifetime, unfortunately, my lovely family have had the cold from hell, and guess what, I have come down with it 3 days before my op.
I know you have to be fit and healthy before any op, but I really don’t want it to be cancelled, I am off work trying to do very little, in the hope that I will shake it off.

I got ill before my mx in January with a virus and felt rubbish!
I cancelled mine as I was so scared about swallowing and breathing through the anaesthetic. I was really scared but then hospital confirmed I couldn’t be operated on in that condition…
I had to wait another month for a new date and it was SHEER HELL waiting but I was totally fit for surgery.

Your hospital/anaesthetist will decide eventually.
I hope that maybe you’ve shaken it off if it’s just a mild infection but you do need to be well for your future recovery.
Even a slight tickle is agony after op!

Good luck to you for Friday.
Welsh girl

i had a stinking cold but wanted to go through surgery and I did.


I spoke to bc nurse yesterday, she says they should operate unless my cold goes onto my chest. So fingers crossed I will get it over and done with on Friday.
Thanks for all your comments though x

I did have a cold for my op , but was also told its ok if its not on the chest. All the best with your surgery.

Hope you’re cold is feeling better and good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I had a lumpectomy on the 19th August and it really wasn’t too bad. Hope it all goes well for you. Karen x

Thanks Karen,
Feeling much better after taking a few days off work (would never have had time of work for a cold before BC!). Very nervous about tomorrow, especially as I’ll be missing seeing my son sing in his talent show at school.
Off now to do manic cleaning to keep me busy x

best of luck today & hope to hear from you when you get out. I had my WLE lumpectomy on tuesday with node clearance. sore but pain relief good!!! sure all will be well for you. I am 44 with 4 year old - I did cleaning before hand too - nice to come home to clean house & especially own bed.

hi all,

i had my bc diagnosis on the 3rd june 2010, was a complete shock as no fam history and i was 34(now 35 , birthday was in july).i have h 2 cancers in my left breast a tumor which was just under 5 cm and calcium deposits. i had sentinal node biopsy which showed i had a tumor in the first one but the 3 around it were clear.

i started chemo end of june four fec & four doctaxel, have finsished fec and had one docetaxel which im finding quite due to finish chemo end of nov and then an op then radiotherapy.

i would love to hear from anyone same stage as me as i thought i was coping quite well but the last 3 weeks have been really difficult.


Hi - new to this site and very glad it exists. I had wide excision and SNB a month ago due to a DCIS seen on routine mammogram - no lump (52 years old, no family history) and was assured I’d need no further surgery but would need radiotherapy which I thought I would be able to deal wih ok. When I returned for results I was told I had 2 axillary nodes with invasive cancer. Subsequently I am scheduled for mastectomy and axillary clearance next Friday (15th) followed by chemo and then radiotherapy, then eventually reconstruction. I am devastated although my family and friends think I am coping. I’m pretending to cope so they’ll cope.

hi dima,

i know exactly how you feel when i was first diagnosed i put a brave face on but realised it was important to talk about how i was feeling so that when i was having an off day they didnt think i had been possesed in the night by a demon . Prob is if you pretend your fine everyone else will think your fine and i found one day i just turned into a jibbering wreck,lol, crying into my cornflakes.

you’ll have your good days and ya bad and well we are all here to try to make your laugh when you having a reall crappy one.


Thanks millykins,
Had op, feeling pretty good, not as sore as I expected, can’t wait for Friday to be able to have a proper wash though!
Hope your feeling ok, must be hard looking after a small child as well, my two are teenagers and (almost) self sufficient x