Surgery on Thursday

I was officially diagnosed yesterday - and am having WLE and SNB on 29th December. Drs are just so positive - they say its Grade 1, not tethered(whatever that means) and there does not appear to be any lymph node involvement.

Is is really possible to just get rid of it with surgery, have some radiotherapy afterwards - and be cured? My drs are making it sound such a routine surgery - my brain keeps telling me it cant possibly be that easy, surely??

sorry if I sound pessimistic - Im just so scared and my fear keeps telling me they are keeping something from me!

thanks for your time xxxx

Hi kajyann,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, I’m sure your fellow forum users will be along shortly to give you some good, honest support, but while you are waiting I have put for you below links to a couple of BCC’s publications you may find helpful.

Resource pack:

Your operation & recovery:

I hope these help. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator


Just wanted to say hello. I am post treatment now mine was grade 3 so needed chemo and rads but grade 1 is slow growing?? so hopefully yes you will have lump removed radiotherapy and that will be all. You may need hormone tablets as well if it is hormone receptive. Mine isnt so no tablets for me. Obviously they will know more once it is out and has been analysed. They wont be keeping anything from you I am sure.

Good Luck for the op on Thursday. I had lumpectomy and SNB and was home same day and up and about the next day. Bit sore for couple of days but nothing too bad. I wore those tops with bra shelf in??? Cant think what they are called!! But they were more comfy than a bra after op but I have small boobs but may be worth having a look at???

Best wishes and hope you can enjoy Christmas at least a little bit x x x x

I’m up for surgery on wednesday 28th having lump and WLE but was told defintly having chemo because I’m only 39 they said want to throw everything at me. Its seems weird because some people know the staging and grade before surgery but I don’t. Anyway hope its good for you and just is op and that’s it.
Lots of love, enjoy xmas
Fran xx


Thank you lovely women for your replies - I have already found support just reading the posts on here - this is a wonderful place.

Have a lovely Xmas all of you - and I will be in touch when I get home after my op.

Love light peace

Hi Kajyann,

Just to say welcome to this invaluable site.I am post treatment now. Mine was Grade 3, i had WLE and SNB in May followed by 4xEC and 4 tax. This finished in Oct and was then followed up with 15 Rads which finished on Nov 30th.I think we all have different treatment.Others on here are more knowledgeable than me.

I am now on Letrozole for 5 years so hopefully that will be it.

Good luck for Thurs will keep you in my thoughts.Try to stay positive & make sure you stay in contact with others here.

Maj xx


I am a little further forward than you, but not much. I was diagnosed on the 15th and had WLE and node clearance on the 20th. The op was fine, I am still sore but have been up and about since the day after.

I think the waiting for results is the worst bit, and not knowing what treatment will come next.

Good luck


Hi Kajyann, hope you’re feeling a bit more at ease after the posts? I’ve just signed on here after my surgery last Wednesday - like you I had a lumpectomy for a grade 1 tumour (though the notes say a quadrectomy, whatever) and I’m booked in for six weeks of radiotherapy from late January.

I really understand your feelings of ‘What, is that it?’. I think that, despite all the knowledge and successful treatment of cancer, particularly in the early stages, we all still have this terrible dread of the word, associate it with horrendous images of debilitating surgery, aggressive treatment, followed swiftly by, well, death. So when the professionals are almost matter-of-fact about treatment like ours - I guess because they do see some really difficult and tragic cases - we can almost feel like they’re not quite taking us seriously, or they’ve missed something!

But now, post-surgery and with radio a month or so away, I do feel like the cancer has been whopped on the head, at least for now - and feel very, very grateful to live somewhere where such early stage cases can be dealt with so swiftly and efficiently.

So, no advice, just sharing those thoughts - hope you’re having a reasonably relaxed Boxing Day, in the circumstances, and I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday.
A one-armed, virtual hug!

Hi Kaj

I had the same diagnosis - grade 1 non agressive but invasive v small tumour, no lymph node involvement as far as they cd tell, which was removed end nov. When I woke from the op I cd feel straight away that it had gone and still feel like that now. (During follow-up meeting was told it hadn’t spread, no lymph involvement and very unlikely to return - wants to see me in a year’s time.)

I am still going for rads in mid-jan and will take tamoxifen. In a way I don’t feel they are necessary as I don’t have cancer now but will go ahead with rest of treatment to keep consultant and friends and family happy :slight_smile:

If they catch it early as they did with me (and you as well it seems) it really is that routine.

All best wishes

PM me if you like

C x

Hi Kaj,

Things are moving along nice and swiftly for you. You’ll soon settle into things. I was grade 2 invasive and had SLN and WLE in August, rads in Oct/Nov for 4 weeks. Now on Tamoxifen.

I do remember my feelings of confusion at first when others with same diagnosis, but living in different areas had different treatments but that seems to be the nature of things. I don’t worry any more because I haven’t been offered this treatment or that.

I hope that surgery and rads does it for you too. It’s a relief just to get things started sometimes!

Take care Cx

Thanks again for all the lovely replies. I will be busy tomorrow getting things sorted for Thursday - but I promise I will log back in as soon as I get home, and let you know what the situation is. Until them - blessings to you all xxx

Back home - WLE and SNB went well - tumour and 4 nodes removed. Still have drain in. Sore and tired. Will catch up more later on.


Glad the op is over.

Take care of yourself and rest as much as possible.

Maj xx

Welcome home Kajyann, the first big bit’s over!
How long will you have to have the drain in?
I hope you get the opportunity to rest properly and get all the space you need - what’s your support system like?

Take care - and I really hope you can have at least a bit of a celebration tonight - don’t know if I’m going to last till midnight this year, though…


Hi folks,
Feeling a bit more human today - but sore under arm. Drain is in till Tuesday - my neice says it looks like Ive got a battery pack on like her electronic toys!
13 Jan - yes its a Friday - I get my full results and will know what future treatment plans are. Whatever happens, I will take anything and everything they want to throw at me. Im cancer free atm and i dont want the alien back!!!
My support system is superb - I have hubby,daughter,sister and family - and my best friend lives across the road. I fact they have all been to visit me today. They are all rooting for me - if love could cure this b*****d Id have been instantly cured, believe me!

take care n thanks for your support on here lovely ladies



Hi Kajyann,

Glad you’re feeling better and able to be up and about! I have mine on Friday so it’s that you’ve shared your experience as it’s made me feel a lot less nervous - thank you so much!

Hope you make a quick recovery and best wishes for the 13th.

Take care,

S. x

Hi Kajyann,

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

Good luck with your results on 13th.

Take care

Maj x

Hello Kajyann and nov,
So glad you are feeling better.
I had my snb and wle on the 28th and went out today with my daughter and to visit friends with my kids.
I’m feeling sore and swollen but not really in pain. Its the numbness that’s the weird thing!
Got my dressings off on thurs and om the 10th supposed to get results as to what cancer it is and when then next treatment starts.
But like you said I’ve had so many visitors and lovely people looking after me. I’ll be fine for now.
Can’t wait for school and nursery to start so I can actually have a break.
Good luck to you for the 13th and you nov for your op
Lots of love and hugs
Fran xx

Hi 30nov66

Thats great - Im really glad it has helped you, hearing my story - its good to feel that sense of togetherness at a time like this.
best of luck for Friday - I will have a candle lit for you and hope to see you back on here very soon