Surgery results disappointing and scary

I haven’t posted for a while as have just been getting on with my treatment plan, I was diagnosed in May this year with IDC ER+, HER2- , Grade 2/3 with 1 lymph node involvement. I’ve had 6 cycles of chemo and then surgery MX and ANC. Last Monday I got the results of my surgery and they were really disappointing and have made me feel really negative again like at original DX. The histology report has confirmed 7/11 nodes affected, Grade 3 and very close margins on my largest tumour, it was very close to skin apparently! So overall I’ve only had a partial response to chemo and more lymph nodes involved than thought and hoped. I’ve had a knock back and not sure where to go. I have 3/4 weeks of rads to come and then Tamoxifen for 5/10 years. I guess I’m after some words of comfort from other ladies who have had similar histology results. Thank you xx

Hiya, in a similar position to you. Diagnosed 27 May with HER2+ and ER+ grade 3 with lymph nodes involved. Had 6 x FEC-T and lumpectomy and axcillary node clearance. I was scanned before op and had mammogram and both showed absolutely nothing. However, pathology results show that 2 nodes were still effected and there is scattered disease in the breast and now need a mascectomy but no reconstruction at same time as need radiotherapy. I’m petrified of having a mascectomy. didn’t find other surgery too bad but a full removal is another kettle of fish - I can’t imagine the pain!!
My BCN said tamoxifen is my friend and will continue to ‘eat’ cancer cells … so bear in mind that will reduce risk of nasties. I’m so sorry to hear your news and I’m exactly same as you, I’ve been taken back to original diagnosis emotions. but we WILL get through this and fight on. we will have ‘down’ days but need to take one day at time xxx

Thanks Emma, thanks for your reply. Yes it’s totally crap!! I had a Single MX to my left side and node clearance two weeks ago, and although the first couple of days were tough after that it got much easier. The pain actually wasn’t that bad, just keep taking the painkillers and call the nurse if they don’t come and give them you! Take care x