surgery results

Not good news. Didn’t get clear margins even through 6 cm removed. Plus 1 out of the 3 nodes had traces of cancer. I am now booked in for a mastecomy and node clearance on the 30th March. Too be honest I was half expecting it. They are going to put an expander in at the same time so I can have reconstruction at a later stage. I feel ok my hubby and Mam and all my friends are in shock. All still treatable and that is the main thing. Lou x

Oh and it is Her2 positive . X

Lou, sorry to hear that. It’s still a shock though isn’t it even when you’re half expecting the news. You sound positive which is good and be sure to check in on here especially if your thoughts and emotions get the better of you.
Loads of good luck for the next surgery and treatment that follows
Take care, Kim xxx

Hi Lou, sorry you’ve got to go back for more surgery but it’s better to be sure it’s all gone, of course it’s all treatable ? Things won’t seem half as Scary once it all gets under way xx 

Oh no Lou! So sorry you’ve got to go through it again . I get my results next Wednesday and to be honest I’m like you expecting the same although I knew it was in the node they biopsied so have already had a clearance. At least this time round you won’t be waiting on tenter hooks for results. Big hugs xx

Awh Lou, sorry you need to go back that’s pants, however as you said still very treatable and that is the key thing, sending a gentle cyber hug x


Thanks everyone habe had a few tears but am coping ok. Just want the Op done now. X