Surgery - the best option?

Hello, I would be very grateful for any advice, at the moment I’m trying to gather as much as possible before deciding!

Here’s the basic story: I found a lump at 16, which turned out to be a fibroadenoma, was basically told to go away (no advice on exmining myself or keeping an eye on it, the hospital staff were not very helpful!) Three years later, it had got very painful, and when scanned there were 6-8 lumps, for some reason it had multiplied. So, as I couldnt sleep, being so uncomfortable, the only option was to have them removed. The whole thing was quite depressing and painful, mainly because im allergic to the anti inflammatories and pain killers dont work very well on me. Anyway, last year, I discovered that there was another lump, had it checked, and they said to come back in 6 months, and when I did, they scanned and found that yet again, there are several lumps, all joined together. Because of the number of them, even thoug its not really bothering me, they said it would be best to take them out. So, I’m due to have them out on the 6th of August. But, here’s the indecision part. I’m very much into alternative and complementary therapies, and I realise now that my diet is probably part of my problem, and possibly the fact that I’ve been taking the pill since I was 16, could be causing the problem too. So I can’t decide if I should postpone the surgery, and try some other therapies first, or whether to have them removed, then use the therapies to help me get better quicker, and possibly to help them not to return. I can see the pros and cons of both decisions, which is making it quite impossible to decide. One of the questions i need to get answered is if it would matte rif I waited longer to have it removed. The only main thing is, I have the time now to have the operation and recover, whereas in sept i will be starting a new job, which will run through until next july, so if I was going to wait, it would be for another year.

I’m afraid I might be rambling now, and I do apologise for taking up your time, but any thoughts would be great, perhaps theres an angle I havent considered?

I look forward to hearing from anyone.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I live in a different area now, to when I was 16, and the staff at the local hospital here are lovely and very helpful, so in that respect, it would be hopefully a more positive experience if i did have the surgery.

hi hon sry you have had so much, have you had biopsy on these new ones? if so are they sure that they are the same as, i think if it was me i would go with the first option and have them removed, as cancer maybe hiding beneath

delay may be ok, but no one can tell you, its down to you at the end of the day.

i was dx with a fluid cyst had it fna, but alas it is still there and changing appearance so i,m bk in 2 weeks to have another ultra sound but i,m scared stiff, i just want whatever it is gone

pray you make the right decision


Hello cee, thankyou for your reply. I have been thinkin that a biopsy would be a good idea - I havent had the new ones biopsied because they didnt offer to do so, I think theyre fairly confident its the same again, because of the similarities, but perhaps if I had the biopsy and it was just the benign fibroadenoma, it would help me to decide whether or not to leave it alone. Im hesitant to have surgery because at the moment - it doesnt give me any pain or bother. Last time i had the surgery it was because it was so uncomfortable.

I hope your appointment goes well, I’ll be thinking of you, and I’ll send an angel out to keep you company.

I’ll let you know if I ever decide anything!


Well, what a mad day! This morning I thought I had pretty much made up my mind to put off the surgery, and wait, but after talking to a lovely lady on the helpline and listening to Cee’s advice, I thought it would be a good idea to get a biopsy done first, before deciding for definite. So I rang the Breast Unit, and asked them about having a biopsy, and what the situation would be with leaving it alone, and the nurse spoke to the radiologist, who basically said that they know for sure its a fibroadenoma, having compared my notes from the last surgery BUT they really do think it should be removed asap, because of the considerable size, and also because of where it is. If I leave it, and it gets any bigger, then apparently this will complicate removing it, and the breast could end up disfigured.

So basically that was my decision made for me! Still not looking forward to it, but then who does? Though at least this time I have told my closest friends and they are all rallying for me, last time I didnt tell anyone and my friends wondered why they didnt see me for a few weeks… Much better to be out in the open with these things!

Anyway, thank you cee, for your advice, and I’ll post here if I find any particular remedies helpful for recovery!


Hi Michelle,
I have been roaming this site tonight, I must have been meant to find you.
When I was 20 I found a lump, similar to you. It didn’t multiply & I didn’t have any pain.
It was there though.
I only found it because I read all about it in a magazine, wondered if i had one ? i had… I told my mum, then,about 2 weeks later and I was at the Drs… I was then at the hospital. I had an examination, then a biopsy. Was told it had to be removed.
At 20 its a bit scary, but I was OK. I didn’t wait long for my appt in hospital to remove it.

What made me smile was, the nurse drew on me with a black felt tip to say…’this one’ fibroadenoma’ some thing like that !

I read you are to go for surgery tomorrow… you will be OK.
I had day care for about 7-10 days after, removing the plaster and replacing it , to make sure it was OK each day.( not sure if they do that now)

It healed well, I had stitches, but i don’t think you will have stitches, because it seems now the Dr’s use something like a butterfly stitch now, easier for you.

I had a benign fibroadenoma.I am 37 now. I am OK. I remember my OP, and will tell you anything you need to know ,when you return to the site, and want to know .
Cyberhugs for tomorrow
It will be over before you know it :slight_smile:

Nemo x

Hello Nemo, (one of my favourite films btw!)

Well its the hideous hour of 6.30am ( I am NOT a morning person!!) and we’re going to be leaving for the hospital soon.
I can’t wait to get this over with now, though I am going to try my best to make it a nicer situation than last time - I’ve got my crystals and am going to try mediating, also have asked my angels to be with me:)

I’ll only be in the hospital for a night at the most, after that I am going to stay with my mum in lovely malvern, where we are going to spend all day every day scrapbooking! It’s our latest obsession! So I am looking forward to that.

I’ve decided that after this op I amgoing to do everything possible to try make sure that these lumps never come back, as my lifestyle isnt the best - bad diet, no exercise etc! But it sounds like you only had the one 17 years ago and havent had one since? That sounds very promising, I like that.

Well, I better go now, as I said before I will post here after the op to let you know if any of the complimentary remedies that I’ve used are effective for the pain etc etc!

Thankyou all for your support,

SPeak to you soon!

oops lol, i should really re-read before posting, I meant meditating, not mediating!!


Hi Michelle,

I have been on the site today , and wondering how you are.
its Monday evening, you said you were in hosp. I didnt stay over when I was in, I was out the same day.Thinking about it now I think I have a bit of a memory block, I will have to ask my mum, she came with me and stayed with me all the time.I am sure I didnt stay overnight, you have got me thinking now …haha

I took my crystals with me too.

I told the aneasthetest (sp?)I was off to Miami for a few hours while they did the op.

Anyway I have been thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts, even though I dont really know you , you had me wondering how you were.
I am waiting for your return now to see how it went, like I said I feel, from the crystals, you will be OK.

I know you are called Amethystangel, which brings Pisces and February to me … I want you to let your Amethyst meet an amber for a quicker , stronger recovery.
Find an amber and let it meet your amethyst. They will gel like strawberries in a jam jar.
cyberhugs from the Fish …X Nemo

Hello Nemo!

its tues morning and im feeling great! I went in yesterday morning determined to be positive. I got to the ward and met the lovely nurses. Lots of joking around with them. Then i was to be the first down so i got changed, and then mum had to go (cos they’re only allowed in at visiting times these days) and i went down to theatre, where i met more loevly nurses, one joked that he was my host for the flight! The anethsatist (yeah i cant spell it either!) managed to get the needle in first try - amazing considering my vanishing veins lol. The she told me to think of lotery numbers for her, and I was asleep!

When i came to, which apparently, took a very long time, oops, I was told that when I first came around, I went a bit crazy and got on all fours, and was pulling at the tube and biting it and thrashing about!!! I have no recollection of this whatsoever!! Though was quite embarrassed - everyone in the recovery room must have got an eyeful of my paper pants clad rump! By the time i got back to the ward was quite awake, and a bit bored. The pain was a constant thrum, but manageable. WHen the pharmacist had finally declared my aloe vera juice safe for me to have, I glugged a load of it, and the pain subsided quite quickly. My mum came back at 2 and by 4, i was declared fit enough to go home:) So at five, l left the two other lovely ladies who had also had ops in the same area, and the lovely nurses and came home.

I felt every bump the car went over, lol, but aside from that, felt pretty good. I didnt sleep a huge amount last night, but am feeling quite alert this morning! Still gluggin the aloe - which has made the swelling go down so much that I dont have any pain at all - just the occasional twinge.

I’m now so glad that I had this done- it was such a different experience to the first time, that it has renewed my faith in docs and hospitals again.

I’m sorry for babbling all about that - im not sure how interesting anyone will find it! I guess im just trying to make that point that if you do have a bad experience, not to be put off from getting yourself sorted out.

In answer to you theory nemo, i was actually born in january, am a capricorn aquarius cusp, but my favourite colour is purple and my fav crystal is amethyst, I clutched a piece of it all day yesterday. According to feng shui, my lucky colour is purple:) Its interesting you should mention amber, its not one of my avs, but i do have one in my collection somewhere, i will go get it now.

I’m setting off to malvern soon, to recover at my mums, she’s been a total star and im looking forward to spending time there:)

I’ll post soon with another update, though i’ll try to make it shorter and a little less rambley next time:)


Hi Michelle
Great to hear from you ,smiled to see you could answer so soon!
Sounded like your experience was OK, I am so pleased…see… those crystals looked after you. Did find your amber one. My friend was very Amethyst when I met her and I introduced Amber to her, they do gel… I like Amber, but I am a Scorpio, so isnt that Opal… ? but no Amber is warm, friendly and more me… Amethyst, is a mystical , spiritual & magical.

So what were the lottery numbers ?

I remember the bumps in the car… ohh what memories , you brought a lot back to me .
Glad the aloe is working , pints of it… eh ?

Well done you, you got through OK and am proud of you. I knew you would , from reading about you and learning who you were , you are strong and will recover quickly.
Dont worry about rambling, you werent, it may all help someone in the future , you never know.

I was sat on a train yesterday with a few travellers in the same direction as me.One said , I took a holiday to Malvern in a caravan… I said ‘where?’ she said ‘Malvern’… I said what is it like ? I know of someone who is going there soon! How strange was that !
I am in the Greater Manchester area, so Malvern is only a ‘nice’ area to me.

Have fun relaxing with your mum… you wil be fine, and I will be wishing you a quick recovery !
Take care
Take the aloe… :slight_smile:
Nemo x

Well, its now weds morning, and I can honestly say that I feel great, a little stiff from not moving while sleeping, but apart from that, I feel really quite normal!

Bob, (my left boob lol) is doing very well, I just get the odd stinging pain across the scar area, every now and then.

I got to malvern yesterday afternoon, and the bumps didnt hurt quite so bad this time:) It’s really lovely here, and I cant wait to go shopping in my mums favourite craft shop:) Last night mum and I made some very pretty card daisies to be used in our scrapbooks:) Was thinking of crafting something pretty for each of the nurses who looked after me, they really did make it a nicer experience.

I did find the amber, and carried the two together. It’s quite weird that the two should go together so well, cos I love amethyst, and my sister loves amber - but the two of us are like chalk and cheese! In fact it’s only recently we’ve managed to have a civil conversation! lol

Yes thank god for the aloe - wish so much that i had known about ti last time! lol

Malvern really is a beautiful place, my mum loves living here. you can see the famous malvern hills from the hall window. I have to admit it’s a whole lot prettier than derby. (sorry derby!!)

I knwo what u mean about weird coincidences, I wanted to see a homeopathy person, and i was in a health food shop in derby, and a bunch of leaflets fell out of the rack, and as i put them back I realised they were advertising a lady who does homeopathy, in malvern! So hopefully i will be visiting her next weds, to see if we can sort out my diet:)

Anyway, I better go have a shower and get dressed - we’re making bday cards this morning, then popping to the shops to send them and get some food in:)

Thank you for all your lovely replies nemo, I will keep you posted on all my mad adventures while recovering:)

Speak soon,


p.s the only lottery numbers i remember thinking were 6 and 10, i didnt get any further than that, i was gone! lol

Hi Michelle

Cant think of a better way to recover than being creative.
I paint pictures, and lose myself in my oils.
I am not a Van Gogh … haha, but have copied some of his works.

I have never made birthday cards, a friend of mine does and goes to craft shops to get bits and pieces, she gives me some sometimes, to have a go at making some myself… i will one day.

I hope your Amethyst is getting on with the amber.If they feel warm. they are happy… If they are cold with each other, separate them and get your strength back from your amethyst.

Let me know how you are doing, keep those positive thoughts going.

I think the mind has a good way of blocking out things it doesnt like. I had my op , then the rest is a big vague. I cant remember taking tablets for pain or what happened much.
The 2 things I did remember was the first time the health visitor arrived to change my plaster, over my bob :slight_smile:
She said I will rip it fast so it doesnt hurt… I smiled and said nooooo you cant…
ha ha… well she did and I was glad she did, cos it didnt hurt… My bob was quite a bit bigger than it had ever been…

the next thing I remember was having my stiches out.
I had to go to the Dr’s 2 weeks after the op to have them removed. being 20, whats that ? 1990,.
I had my op sewn with cat gut. it was a bit of a thick cotton I thought. Anyway i didnt feel it being removed, it was just he thought of it being done that made me squirm a bit! ha ha …

did you have butterfly stitches ?

Hope I am keeping you smiling with my memories…

I feel you are doing fine and I am glad I found you … things are meant to be

Take care, keep being creative

Nemo x

Hey Nemo,

Well I feel even better today, though it did occur to me that maybe I’m not in so much pain this time because my nerves got a bit damaged the first time, so I havent as much feeling in Bob anyway? Oh well, who cares - I’m not in pain! lol.

Crafting is such a therapeutic thing to do - i love to make things, always have, cant stand to be doing nothing for more than five mins lol. Scrapbooking is definitely my favourite craft at the moment though.

I have to admit I’m not looking forwarsd to taking the dressing off Bob - i remember feeling quite sick when I did it last time, cos its entirely sticky, and so is stuck to the wound…hmmmm, i think i may go slowly! I have got dissolvable stitches and butterfly stitches over the top, and I have to admit i cant wait to be able to remove thedressing - cos thn it means I can put my aloe vera straight onto the wound so it will heal nicely:) I really dont want an infection this time! I’m quite glad that medical things have improved since your op - I dont think i could have stomached having stitches removed lol. I have an appt on the 23rd, when I get home to derby to see the doc to make sure it’s all healing properly, I’m sure I’ll be bouncing around as normal by then - I can already walk around quite normally now, and not like an old lady! I even slept properly last night yey:)

Anyway, I’m going to stop watching crafty things on qvc now and actually go and do some crafting myself!

Speak soon!


Hi Michelle

I love your craft stories and using it as a form of therapy… keep it up !

So pleased to read you had dissolvable stitches and butterfly stitches over the top… really made up the healing in the hospital has changed.
Dont worry about bob, bob will be fine.
I have been here a few months now and know the outcome is OK… you can look slow at first , then go for it ! ha ha you will be ok to take the plaster off quick.
I pressume, with you moving to Malvern for a while, with your mum, you arent having day care from a district nurse ? I did , for about 7 days.
she came, took the plaster off, put a new one one then went… same each day.
bob will be fine.

let me know how you get on
i have thought about you each day and looked for your mails

take care
nemo x

Hey nemo!

well, yesterday i decided to have a go at removing the dressing. Now, I think the dressing method must have changed in the last 17 years, cos the ones they use these days cannot be taken off quickly! Its a see through patch thats so sticky that you can get it wet and it wont come off, which is great cos it means u can shower, but not so great when it comes to removing it. In the end, I got some ‘sticky stuff remover’ meant for rmoving sticky labels etc from things lol, soaked a cotton wool bud in it, and smoothed the sticky plaster away bit by bit, it took a while, and was quite painful lol. later i took the bit on the actual wound off, and i’m glad i didnt wait any longer, cos it was quite angry and red looking, with oozy bits ( sorry for the graphic description - hope ur not eating right now!) I smothered it in pure aloe vera gelly, and by god did that sting like hell - but by this morning the oozy stuff has come out and its sealing itself nicely. Mum’s going to get me some dressing squares that wont stick to it to cover it up, cos we’re going shopping again today! lol. Other that that, Bob is no longer swollen and looks quite normal now.

I dont think they do the district nurse care every day these days, but i do think i would have had a visit of some kind if I had stayed at home. If i need to i can just go to see the doctor here. To be honest, I like to stay away from the docs as much as poss, lol. I have an appt at the hospital on the 23rd for a check up.

Well, I better go, mum’s gone to get the dressings, and I better get ready. We’re going into malvern to the craft shop:) hehe I spent yesterday making a little crafty something for each of the lovely people at the hospital who looked after me:)

I will update soon with how Bob is doing:)


hi hon, i,m so glad youre surgery went well i was praying for you all the time hon

glad all is well
love to you and nemo

Hey Michelle!
The dressing is off! fab , so glad you did aswell with it al looking angry. I can see bob is better now with lots of aloe.
Yeah , my plaster was like a strip of skin coloured elastoplast ! cut to shape ! hahaha
like one i would put on my little girls knee if she fell!

made me smile, I was eating my lunch when i read your mail… see you knew I would be when you said it ! … it didnt put me off though.
I dont remember much gunge from mine, think I got the mental block again.

& how quick you feel OK and bob has returned to normal , that is brilliant ! I think i was about a week before I felt ok and a bit normal.

did you get some good crafty bits today ? what did you make ?

Hi ceegra :) glad to see Michelle was in your prayers :)  

I work in Manchester.
There was an earthquake today.
my pc screen wobbled infront of me,I was frozen to the spot ! jaw dropped like a kid… and yeah ’ the earth moved for me ’ lol’ !

Take care
the little orange Fish
Nemo x

Hello Cee,

Thankyou for your prayers, the whole experience has been very positive, and I’m glad to have done it, so that I wont get stressed out so much if I have to go through it again.

I hope your ultrasound goes well, and that the angels are with you, they helped me out immensely.