Surgery today!

Oo I’m a bit nervous. Not about the op, but having the injections, particularly the blue dye one! I’m not even afraid of needles, just worries it’s going to hurt my boob.
I’m having a lumpectomy and lymph biopsy.
Husband is here with me though.
Once I go into theatre I’ve got him busy nipping to m&s to pick up a couple of bras for me! I’ve also told him he isn’t allowed to eat until I can ?

Oh, good luck.  And I had to laugh at you telling your husband not to eat.  I think if I did that to mine he’d be more concerned about his belly than about me! 

Good luck xena, i had my op tuesday, nuclear medicine injection i had in breast screening , i was very worried, but i can assure you was slight scratch, nothing to worry about, i then had blue dye injection in theatre but they did that while i was asleep, all the best

Debbie x

Good luck Xena ,do you know where you are on the list ?The waiting around is the worst bit .

I really don’t know why they do that when they know you are going to be sat around all day .Last op I had (not breast op) they had a morning and an afternoon list and some people came in at 7.30 others at 12.30 makes more sense .

How are you recovering Debbie ?

Yes I found it a great relief too,whilst it’s still in you ,you just keep thinking about it spreading !!!

Hi Ladies,


Good luck for op Xena.  Hope you are recovering well Debbie. 


Just wondering if any of you had to have the guidewire inserted pre-op and if so what was it like?


Love and best wishes

Michele xxx

Ah thank you for your replies, I’m still waiting!!! I got bumped to last on list, so I’m officially hangry now!? Husband though is not as we were permitted a wander so he got something to eat!
The injections were fine, a bit achey but nothing too bad.
Debbie, how has recovery been since Tuesday? What do you feel up to doing?

Can’t believe you are still waiting !!!

I’m out now, been discharged, feeling like a bit of a space cadet and ready for my bed!
Thank you Debbie, gives me an idea of what to expect.