Surgery tomorrow and scared

Will be having surgery tomorrow. Tuesday 3rd sept. Immediate reconstruction of left breast with implants and right breast reduction. Not quite sure what to expect and feeling very nervous. Not sure if I will sleep tonight. Wish I could stop the roundabout now and get off wobble wobble wobble. Thanks to all on here that have offered me support over the last 6 weeks . Hopefully I will come out at the other end of this a stronger person. Will keep you all updated.

Keep fighting

Janey x

Hi Janey

Please do give the helpline team here a ring, they’re here to support you.  Lines open at 9am through to 5pm today.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000.  Take care.

Jo, Moderator

Good Luck Janey, I hope it goes OK for you. I go in Friday for my DM and reconstruction on Friday 6th Sept. Take Care & Best wishes for a good recovery! xx

Hi Janey

I haven’t been on here for a while as after my diagnosis I had to move house!

I am sending you all good thoughts and love for tomorrow.  I have my mastectomy on Wednesday and  the only thing that keeps my from the scaredness is to remember that thing they say if you are afraid of flying… The pilot intends to land safely…so does the surgeon and his/her team!

I hope you get a little sleep.



Don’t be afraid, night time is always the worst time, but in the morning put a smile on your face, and be optimistic. Surgeons know what they are doing, so many of us have been through this! You will be fine. Sending positive thoughts and prayers x

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck for my reconstruction…I send you all positive thoughts for your fight against this disease
Janey x