Surgery Tomorrow So Nervous

Hi All,

Since joining last weekend you have all helped me and your comments have been great so thank you.

Go into hospital at 4pm tomrrow having lumpectomy and effected nodes taken away, saw breast nurse on Thursday she was great talked me through everything and shows me drain that would be in, surprised my husband as he had no ideas what one looked like.

I am so nervous and anxious, can not sleep.

Will get results 1 week after surgery lets hope that does not mean more surgery:-(

If ok chemo will start 5 weeks after followed by radiotheraphy, trying not to think that long ahead.

Told my little girl who is 4 this weekend we got the book Sammy’s mommy has cancer excellent book recommend it, it is for ages 3-5, jessica was fine until we got to me in going into hospital and losing my hair she was so upset. We just now leave book on table and when i am out the room she always picks it up and asks my husband to read it, she is clued on and knows bless her.

Had angry day yesterday thought this cancer makes all the decisions, no more kids and the hardest thing was we were trying for another baby, had ectopic last November and that is when i noticed the lump but left it thinking it was nothing until Jan. makes you have surgery, makes you have treatmeant that makes you sick. (sorry rant over)

Good luck to everyone, and thanks again for being there it helps. Will let you know how it goes x x


I’ve just replied to another thread of yours because I’m from Coventry (you can read my details on there) but when I read about your little girl I just wanted to say that my daughter was 8 when I was first diagnosed so I know how hard it is but believe me your little one will keep you going, I know mine did. She’s at a good age for this really as she will get distracted onto other things & won’t have the emotional capacity yet to dwell on what it all means. Children are so resilient, she will bounce back. It was hard for me because Helen was that bit older so understood a bit more. It was even more difficult when my cancer returned as she was then 15 so knew everything (as they do when they’re 15 lol). But I must say that because of her experience of cancer she has grown up (21 now) into a very compassionate person and is really acutely aware of how precious life is & hence she is determined to live it to the full (although my heart does stop when I see her doing bungy jumps & skydives!!!).

Anyway, good luck for tomorrow & if I can do anything please let me know.

Lots of love

Dear EJW74

I too am going into hospital tomorrow for lumpectomy. My daughter is 9 and I have avoided telling her until Friday. Children are very sensitive and didn’t want her to worry for longer than is necessary. I had a very painful breast reduction in 2004, so am hoping this will be a walk in the park by comparison! I have told her that her grandad will be in more pain when he has his tooth out on Friday, because at least I won’t be dribbling everywhere! She has been really good, and almost proud of the fact that she knows and perhaps feel more grown up that I have confided. She had a sleep over last night at a friends, but I guess the crucial time will be when she gets home and it sinks in. I am just trying to carry on as normal with as little disruption as possible. I have also joined in with the March 2012 Surgery Chicks forum (you may already have found it?).

Luckily for me I am on the morning list, although I will certainly miss my morning coffee!

Good luck for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. Keep in touch - maybe meet you in the surgery chicks? I love the name of that forum - it makes me feel young and sexy lol