Surgery tomorrow

Hi all

I’m not sure whether I should be feeling the way I do at the moment… Iv’e still not packed my bag just in case of an overnight stay…I have had my injection today for the SNB…and it hurt like heck!!!.. apparently if you are having surgery the next day you are given a double dose… no one told me that part!..I think i am just trying to delay things… I am enjoying my 1st grandaughter who was born on Saturday morning…now I have to face the obvious but I dont want too… want to stay and munch baby… Oh well… I had better crack on with things… go and pack your bag Sandra !!

Thanks for listening to me waffle on… think reality has kicked in x

Good luck for tomorrow - I had the SNB last June - went in at 7:30 am and was home in time for tea. To be honest, I quite enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere on the ward I was in. I was a little sore where I was cut, it rubbed on my bra strap and I had to use pads of cotton wool to cushion it. Watch out for the pain killers that they give you - they can and do make you constipated and impacted blue poo is not something you want.

Hi Sandra, in some ways I think it would be best to stay in overnight. I was hoping to come out same day or at least overnight but it was a Friday and by tsounds day I was chasing doctor to come and discharge me as there are less staff on the weekend. That said it was nice knowing there was help available if I needed it and I don’t think I would have coped so well at home straight after the op. good luck it’s not going to be as bad as you think and the positive is that when you have had it the pesky cancer will be removed! Will be thinking of you let us all know how you go x

Thank you ladies… not slept very well… think Ive resigned myself to the fact I will probably stay over night so have packed magazines and books… Im feeling quite calm this morning… enjoying my cup of tea and breakfast … dont usually eat this early but after 7am… only water… and thanks carrie… that pesky cancer will be out!!!.. xx

Hi Sandra
My mum has her op tomorrow - and that is what I’m thinking - in a few more hours that horrid additional extra we don’t want will be gone x good luck hun