Surgery Yesterday

Hi all


h ad my surgery yesterday, WLE and SNB with Oncoplasty to neaten things up. Sore but not as bad as I expected really. Surgery boob has been lifted slightly so I can say I have had a boob job on the NHS. 


To to anyone who is facing surgery, good luck. I was home same day. Tired but am taking my time. Got to wear a support bra for 4 weeks and it has to be a front fastening one. My poor hubby was racing round getting one while I was in theatre so they could put it on straight after the op. No one told us we would need one and they are available online for about £22. I have a heart shaped cushion for under my arm. Buy button up the front tops/ shirts to make it easier. 


Sending out positive vibes to you ladies waiting to go though the same. Get my results on the 17th and then will be referred for radiotherapy.

Good to hear your surgery went well Bellas mum same op as myself minus the oncoplasty. I am sure you will find recovery quick. Keep doing the excercise as sure helps. 3 weeks on and I can do same with my left arm now as I can my right so really please. Hope all your results are good news. May see you in the rad room. I have my results next week oncotype results. Waiting game again which is far worse than the surgery. Take care and wish you a speedy recovery

Excellent news, Bellas mum. That is the first bit over with successfully . I had the same as you, and my marvellous plastic surgeon was able to balance me out as I refused a breast reduction. Who has time for that at age 70? I have big boobs so never found a front fastening bra to fit, but my nurses were happy with my pull on sports bras. I found the rads quite easy, but very tying as you need to go every day. You will need good movement in your arm in order for the radiotherapy to be successful, so do your exercises religiously. They may be uncomfortable at times but persevere. None of my appointments were at the same time, so I ( and hubby) had to be flexible.  Take a book / I - pad. The machines work 24/7 so do malfunction at times. Good luck for the next step of your journey. Very doable. X

Hi Bella. Know what you mean with feeling tired. If like me you will find more discomfort from the snb that the boob. Once it had healed sufficient I massaged Aveeno cream on boob and under arm and worked a treat. Can hardly see the under arm score however the booby one is a bit bumpy but fine and healed well. Don’t be alarmed if you still feel discomfort under the arm 3 weeks down the road as I still have but been told by surgeon and bcn nurse that it is all part of the healing process but I know we are all different. Take care and you will see and feel a difference each day. I have seen a big difference in myself physically this week and was 3 weeks Wednesday since my op. Mentally also still positive. When do you get your results?