Surgical Bra????

Hi Ladies
I may be jumping the gun here but I’m due bilateral mastectomy in January. Not had my date through yet, but my surgeon is so laid back, it will probably be all last minute!!

I will be having immediate reconstruction using an implant which is half silicone and half saline as my surgeon says this way he can expand and I won’t need further surgery to swop saline implant for silicone.

Will I need a surgical bra or not? If I do, does anyone know where to get one from. Someone told me Asda? When I asked an assistant I think they thought I was after some kinky garment!!

Thanks in anticipation.

Carly x

I would suggest you wear a vest with a secret support. I got mine in Matalan - very soft and comfortable - wore them for about 6 weeks post mastectomy/immediate recon/reduction

Good luck


Thanks K

Not thought of that. Good idea. I keep forgetting that my new boobs won’t need as much support as my currently rather dangly ones!!!

Carly x

Hi Carly,

I didn’t have mastectomy but had breast reductions alongside the removal of DCIS.
I wore vest tops with the support shelf for several weeks and still wear them now when I feel a bit sore- very comfortable

The best bra that I bought was from Debenhams. It is by playtex, non wired and is totally seamless and soft. It only comes in one colour- Ivory, but it is the most comfortable bra that I bought. They also sell a range for post breast surgery but they did not match up to this one (in my opinion).

Kat x

Thanks Kat

I have always had a large bust and need good support bras so it’s going to be nice to be wearing vest tops with support. I do have a few already but need to wear a bra with them which I suppose defeats the object! I will look out for the Playtex bra too - Bye Bye Bravissimo!!!

Carly x

Hi Carly,

I was a 34 JJ pre- surgery so I understand what you are saying. I am now a 34D and it is amazing how many bra’s I can buy now. Before, they cost me a minimum of 30 pound each but now I can get 2 good one’s for that- 1 good thing came out of all this.

I urge you to look at the playtex bra in Debenhams. It is so soft and smooth. Other bra’s were not as seamless and really irritated my scars. I still get sore now if I wear a different one.

Hope it all goes well.

Kat x