surgical options

Been diagnosed with lobular invasive and I’m 37. Going to clinic tomorrow to discuss surgical options, still to find out if chemo will be necessary. My question is what do you all feel about implants vs flap. I’m am naturally small boobed :-), so I imagine a ‘b’ size implant but my bc nurse thinks flap is more natural result. Any suggestions girls??? Really struggling to know what is best option for me xxx

I think - better is fat transfer Liposuction) first and then underneath can put implant. Because flap does mean damaged muscles and other tissue. It was my choice. Fat transfer as well is looking more natural then only implant.  After this can take bra off in sport centre changing rooms  and dont have to feel uncomfortable.

Thanks for your reply zigzag :-). So can you get the implant first and add Lipo fat after??? X

Yes - of course. Just some doctors prefer to do fat transfer first because can damage an implant and looks better is first are doing fat. And also if you got small size can be enough with fat transfer only.