Surprise Surprise

Surprise Surprise

Surprise Surprise Woman magazine aren’t going to run the story of a man who had breast cancer.

I’ll keep plugging.


That’s a disappointment Hi Brian

That’s disappointing. However, I have to tell you that Woman’s Own featured me some time ago - topless photo and everything!!

Perhaps I took up the allocation of “men and breast cancer”?

All the best


Thats what it is - They asked for a topless photo and I didn’t say that I would or would not - that’s why I think they weren’t interested.


Topless in the SUN Hi Brian

The SUN newspaper did a feature on me some time ago. They have a really good heath section and I appeared in there topless (not page 3 though!!) It was more like page 78!!

Anyway, it was clear from the beginning that they expected me to be photographed topless for the article. I kind of baulked at the idea first and said that I would do it if the women being featured did it as well. WELL , believe it not, the reporter asked them and they agreed and then she 'phoned me back and I couldn’t say no - so I did it.

The piece was really good as I remember. Not much feedback from it though.

Best wishes


Sorry Brian How sorry I am for you Brian - thought you been a S in the B A would have helped the cause.
Maybe your local newspaper can help?

David W

Like I say I’ll keep plugging away and maybe not so coy about getting my shirt off.

Regards Brian