Survey - Pregnant with Breast Cancer

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[color=#3055c5]Please see below a link to a survey for women diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy.
[color=#3055c5]Breast Cancer and Pregnancy

[color=#3055c5]Janne Rodsten, Researcher at The University of West of England, is conducting a study about women’s experiences of being diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy.

[color=#3055c5]This study collects information about the experience of having breast cancer whilst being pregnant. The aim of the study is to explore the psychological impact on women who find themselves in this situation, and the information gathered may be of help to patients and their families in trying to make sense of therir experiences. It is hoped that the study might also inform doctors, nurses and other helath professionals and ultimately shape services designed to make people better.
[color=#3055c5]For more information contact Janne Rodsten ( or visit the following


[color=#3055c5]This study has been reviewed by Breast Cancer Care’s research and evaluation team. Although Breast Cancer Care is helping to recruit people to this project, Breast Cancer Care is not taking any responsibility for the research and is therefore not liable for any claims concerning negligence, harm or oversight that might arise during the course of the research.

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