Surviving Cancer (or not) is in the genes.

I wonder if anyone else saw this article in the Daily Mail (sat)
Rather terrified me as my own mother had BC and never lived past the 10 years so according to the article my prognosis is poor.
I honestly think the Daily Mail is obssessed with BC items, most of which i find very unhelpful.

I haven’t got a link will have to try and find it.


Hi Liverbird

Havn’t seen the article as I don’t buy the Daily Mail anymore because of the continuous articles on BC. When I was first dx I wanted to get as much info as I could and the D.M.seemed to be a good source, But now I agree with you they are obsessed with BC and article like that don’t help, is it actually proven???

Angela x

Yes, I read it and was rather frightened, not because I have bc, but my Dad died at 59 yrs of colon cancer, 1 yr after dx, and as I have Crohn’s am at high risk of it turning to cancer. When I think back to the early days after dx of bc, my lovely bc surgeon said: “well, you will probably die of Crohn’s rather than bc, as we can do so much for bc these days”. I thought he was trying to cheer me up, but perhaps he knows something I don’t. Funny, but my gastro doesn’t tell me I am terminal! Having an MRI of my pelvis on 15th Nov to look at a stricture in the small intestine and of course am wondering if the “stricture” is a tumour. Guess I’ll deal with that when it happens.

Yes i read it and felt scared as my grandmother died with breast cancer and my father with lung bowel prostate the lot infact in the end. I was told that none of these cancers are linked to breast. I was happy to read the comments here about the mail as only being dx a few weeks ago i am new to it. So perhaps i wont get upset about what i read in the mail.

I took part in a voluntary study being done by breast clinic recently which involved being in a small group for 6 sessions. One of the ladies there had a sister who died from secondary BC weeks before she was diagnosed herself. Obviously she was really worried about this, so her surgeon got hold of her sister’s notes and went through them with one of the other consultants. They both said to her not to worry as that was her sister not her and pointed out the thing about all cancers being different. It turned out in her sister’s case she had the lump for about 2 years without telling anyone and not going to the Dr which was why it had got out of control and had spread. A friend of ours had a sister who died at 46, same thing, she had a lump for 3 years and ignored it, by which time it was too late.

I have a friend who lives in the shadow of liver cancer in the women of her family, but they have all died from it in really old age (her mother was 83 when she died 2 years ago). She just gets up in the morning, goes to work and gets on with her life.

I really think there is too much scaremongering with regards to BC and cancer in general. I used to have a lot of gynae problems and kept reading about women with no kids having a higher chance of ovarian cancer. I was checked out by a very eminent gynaecologist who delivered Royal babies and he said the papers often make really big stories about risks which are either negligible or marginal and women shouldn’t read half of them.

I haven’t read the Mail article but if its typical of the Mail its likely that it sensationalises, trivialises and distorts whatever research article it claims to be reporting on.

However, I do think genetic issues are key to understanding the occurrence and progression of cancer, and that there is still much to be learned and understood which will eventually provide the key to preventing and curing cancer.

No one really knows why some cancers respond well to tretament and others don’t. Look at herceptin? It is clearly a fantastic drug when it works but it doesn’t work for all women who have her2+ breast cancer. The answer as to why may well lie in genetics.

As to finding cancer early…yes sometimes this makes a difference to survival but in many cases finding an aggressive breast cancer very early makes no difference at all to the final outcome.

I prefer to think that explanations as to why some people survive breast cancer and some don’t lie in the characteristic of the cancer, including its genetic make up, rather than in the attitude or diet of the person who has cancer.


I read the article in the Daily Mail and then googled it and found the following in the Telegraph

I think it is a bit more balanced than the DM article.

Personally I find it quite depressing - my Mum died 3 years after diagnosis of bowel cancer and a few years back I had pre-cancerous polyp removed from my bowel.

My Gran (paternal) also died with a few years of a diagnosis of breast cancer.


When I was first dx and had my first meeting with my breastcare nurse she forbade me from reading the Daily Mail!!!

Louisa x

I too read the DM on Saturday. There was also an article in the magazine about women dieing of cancer and how they told their kids. Talk about depressing! Julie.

There are lots of reason’s I would like to boycot the Daily Mail: don’t get me started!!!
But, subsequently, this cutting and pasting of more substantial, research-based evidence is often taken out of context with the references and not really showing well funded research as it should be. This type of journalism focuses on headlines and pictures rather than balanced presentation of facts. I can only suggest the lack of intelligence and even real interest of the journalists is favoured order to sensation seek and yet again create shock-horror headlines. They have not proved to be a responsible newspaper in my opinion. The Lady Diana ongoing stuff (please stop!), the immigration (instigating hatred…)
I find the telegraph, independent and guardian funny, bright, balanced and humanitarian. Personally!!!
Rant over and out!
N :wink:


It is possible The Mail was referring to the series of programmes to be screened as of this week (Thursday Channel 4, 9.00) called ‘The Mummy Diaries’, which involve a psychiatrist helping incurably ill mothers say goodbye to their children. I am debating watching as I have stage iv cancer and 6 & 7 year old children. You are right, it is depressing.


In the office where I work we refer to the Mail as the Hate Mail—nuff said.


yeah i really must boycot the mail. During chemo my onc said she thought it was a ‘nasty little paper’ Hubby hates it too.
I like their easy crossword and on a Sat the cheap weekend breaks away.

Jenny the mail was not referring in this article to the ‘mummy diaries’ I will watch that prog.

How my heart goes out to those ladies with young children and are Dx with this.

I was devastated at Dx and sat in the xray dept moaning to hubby, so distressed. When i had xray a lady who i got to chat with said to me she was 34 with a 2 yr old and Dx just with BC and a lump under her arm also she thought she maybe pregnant as she had been trying for a baby.
It changed me from being a self pitying ‘git’ to being thankful to God my kids were 22 21 and 18 and i had been able to bring them up and they could fend for themselves.

Massive HUG for you Jen i have benefited from many of your posts.