Suspected lobular BC - numerous tests inconclusive - partial lump removal and more results tomorrow

Hi, I found a lump about 3 months ago and was referred to breast clinic where I had a mammogram an ultrasound and core biopsy, returned for results to be told inconclusive as biopsy was benign but images suspicious and biopsy didn’t explain the suspicious area. I then had a further core biopsy to return and be told the exact same. I then had an mri and returned to be told that those images too were of concern and that there is a type of BC called lobular cancer that is difficult to diagnose. I was then booked in for partial removal of the lump using guide wire for biopsy and I return tomorrow for these results. It’s now been over 3 months since I found the lump which I don’t think is the suspicious area at all as this suspicious area is 3cm and the lump I felt was quite small. I’ve lost a cousin to BC and my sister has had BC. I’m worried sick - i wondered if anyone had a similar experience to mine and what was the outcome as my understanding was that diagnosis was relatively quick. Thank you xx

Hi Pepsi


Yes, lobular cance is very difficult to detect, in part because it does not always form a lump. I had a similar story to yours, found a lump then mammo, ultrasound and biopsies all came back clear. I then had  microdochectomy which is the removal of a single duct. It was then that I got my disgnosis. I then had other tests to determine whether it was elsewhere but all in all nearly 3 months between diagnosis and surgery to remove the tumour so not unusual.


I hope you get some definite news today.





Hi Pepsi70

Welcome to the forums, along with the support here our helpliners are on 0808 800 6000 with further practical and emotional support 9-5 during the week and 10-2 on Saturdays so please feel to call to talk through concerns and queries during this worrying time

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi, just wanted share that I have LCIS which puts me at higher risk of developing BC but as of now no cancer cells detected :slight_smile: the last 3 months have been a rollercoaster but I finally got the news I hoped for. I will be regularly screened for any change which is a relief and in a way feel this is very positive as without undergoing these tests for an innocent lump I would never have known about the LCIS until I am mandatory screened at 50 (6 years time) where the outcome could’ve been much different. The care I’ve received from all the nhs staff has been excellent and made the experience more bearable. For anyone reading this i wish you all the luck in the world as I understand how devastating breast cancer is. Best wishes xxx