Suzette... how did it go?

been thinking about you today… how did your appointment go today? Look forward to hearing from you… hope you are doing ok?


Hope it was good news today sweet.
Come along for some support if you need to
love claire xxx

Hi Suzette

How did you get on today, hope it all went OK. We are here to support you whatever, hopefully really good news though.

Speak later

Suzette hope your ok xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you - I am so touched by your concerns. My lump was a cyst which was taken away immediately. I was so relieved I burst into tears. I will not forget how much help and support this forum gave me when I needed it most. I may not be a fully fledged member of this club, but the fact that I so nearly was will not be forgotten.

Much love and best wishes to everyone out there. Remember that most lumps are harmless so if you find one get it checked immediately. Do not let the fear prevent you from doing that.


I well remember the wonderful feeling when my first lump was found to be totally benign. They found another one a year later and Dr said he was sure it was nothing and to leave well alone. I insisted on having it out and right up to the time of surgery he was telling me this was unnecessary but I do not regret that decision to this day. I went on to have a ruptured cyst and that too was a great relief when it was diagnosed as such. Am due for a mammogram in October and am in a dreadful state wondering if they will find anything but it is sooooooooo humbling to read of the courage of all the people on these sites makes me feel awful for worrying before I need to but just can’t help it. Anyway, I am soooooooo pleased for you.

Yes is was a wonderful feeling, but I will be more breast aware in the future, although I did check now and again. I am shocked to find that most of my friends NEVER check their breasts. One even has a lump, and hoped it would go away. I am on her case and so is her husband. Wish you well for October. I know it was said to me, but you cannot change anything by worrying. I feel a fraud for causing a fuss, parents were considering cancelling their holiday if I did not know the results before they went, and all because of a bit of fluid masquerading as something more sinister!

I so appreciate that so many on this forum have had the news I was dreading, and I can’t begin to wonder how they can still find the time to support people like me.

I am a bit sore following the removal of the cyst, there was two and one was sucked out. The other is still there, but I was still shaky from the examinations and the whole fear of being there, so was not my assertive self. I guess they would have taken both if they thought it necessary. I will keep an eye on it, and will go back to my GP if it gets worse, or the other one comes back.


SO PLEASED FOR YOU! I was thinking about you all day yesterday… so glad you got good news and all is well! That really encourages me for my appointment today… I am sure mine will be just a cyst too!

Take care,



Thanks for your support.

Love Sue