Swapping Expanders for Permanent Implants

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me their experiences of swapping the expanders for permanent implants?
I have had double mx- (LD flap reconstruction) and have been given a surgery date of 9th December for them to be swapped over for permanent ones. The reconstruction that had radiotherapy on is rock hard and like a bullet on my chest (I could crack walnuts on it-ha!) and I HATE the tubes/pipes that come out to the side of them. I have a very slim frame so the ends almost protrude out of my skin and are very uncomfortable- apart from that, cosmetically, they look fantastic. My surgeon said that replacing the implants for permanent one is a very simple procedure and I will be in and out in a day. he says they literally just open up the original scars (under my arms) and pop out the old ones and put in the new ones.
I would like to know how much discomfort I will be in afterwards and how long I would not be able to drive for- also, if the cosmetic result will be the same?
Sorry for a long post, but would really appreciate others experiences
Thanks and best wishes

Hi Katy had mine swapped in Jan …piece of cake pain wise by comparison to all the other ops .I was off work a few days .Cosmetically I dont like mine I only had one by the way ! I have no nipple and have decided not to bother it is a bit smaller than my natural breast altho i did get asn uplift on that one the reco boob is quite hard but i must say it has improved with time .I am 53 so dont feel the need to have perfection .Dressed i look fab so that is all i wanted .How old are you ??? I am very slim too felt a bit Jordanish at first but okay now .hope this helps ?

Good Luck Mazxxxx

Hi Maz,
thanks for your reply- I am 36 and had my first mx last July and my 2nd one this May.You say that you dont like yours cosmetically- did you like it before it was swapped?
Currently, mine look fantastic and I am really pleased, my only gripe is the tube things that are attached cos, as i said before, i find them very uncomfortable. Were you able to drive after your op? and were you in and out in a day as well? Sorry for all the questions, I just think that forewarned is forearmed!!!
Best Wishes

It wasnt much different before the swap …i was in four days cos i had drains in and I always have a bad reaction to general anaesthetic !! I didnt drive for a few days cos there is a bit of discomfort where they remove the tube that they inject the saline into .
I think diff plastic surgeons and hospitals have diff ideas I did have the uplift onh the other one done at the same time