Swapping over to Arimidex from Tamoxifen

Hi All,
Just joined the forum and wondered if anyone has any experience of Arimidex? I’ve been on Tamoxifen for two and a half years now and my consultant has advised me to change over to Arimidex. Anyone else taking it at the moment? I’d be very interested to hear your views and any experiences of side effects etc.

Hi CassieG,

I was DX last October had MX and recon and was prescribed Arimidex. Onc told me that I would get side effects, I do get aching joints, muscle ache and night sweats. I find the aching joints the worst, but am taking ChondroMax which the Onc recommended. Have only taken this for around three/four weeks so cant say specifically whether it’s helping or not. You can only purchase this on line from Healthspan in Jersey. They are very good and sent this to me within a couple of days. I was told at the time that Tamoxifen was for women premenopausal and Arimidex for post. Hope this helps.

I was on Arimidex for just a month before being taken off it and being put onto Tamoxifen, but I had no side effects from Arimidex. The reason for the change was that I was originally thought to be post-menopausal but some more test results have caused confusion, so it is safer to be on Tamoxifen. (Safer, because T works for both pre and post, whereas A only works on post as it only blocks the oestrogen produced by the fat in the body not the ovaries). If I am actually post-menopause I want to go back onto Arimidex as this has better results for post-menopause.


Thank you both for your input,I’ve got about 4 weeks supply of Tamoxifen left (which he said I should use up) and then I will start the Arimidex. After doing a bit of resarch on it I have read about the joint pains etc but hopefully this will be minimal (if at all) and the benefits should outweigh the negatives. I’ve been absolutely fine on the Tamoxifen and didn’t want to upset the applecart by starting a new drug that would give me any problems but I will start it and see how it goes.
Thanks again for your replies.