Hi,wondered if anyone can help me.My history is WLE on 24th january 2008 and 14 lymph nodes removed and all clear.Had rads ending in may 2008.The problem i have is that although i no longer sweat under the armpit where the lymph nodes were removed i seem to be over compensating on the other side.To the point it is getting embarrasing.I always have wet patches under my arm on the side that was not operated on now and it is so bad that when i went for my mamogram the machine was dripping when i moved away from it.Any suggestions would be great.I use sure deodrant but if anyone knows of a particular brand that is more effective that would be great.Thanks Gill x

I have a similar experience - except I don’t sweat at all, either side, unless the temperature is really high. A welcome side-effect of chemo/surgery/rads etc. I use a crystal deodorant (Pit-Rok) because I still can’t believe I don’t actually sweat any more from underarm area - found it very good when I did have a tendency to pong a bit, before cancer reared its ugly head. I do have occasional hot flushes (I’m naturally post-menopause) but they are mainly from the neck up, ears go bright red but flushes only last a minute or so. I am 21 months on from diagnosis, 4 years to go on Arimidex - so far so good. Hope you get some more helpful suggestions soon.