swelling above elbow

I had all my lymph glands removed in right arm in December 2007. I did have problems with swelling and an uncomfortable aching and was referred to a clinic who advsed me how to do massage and continue with exercises and was told it was a mild form. I have started a job that involves typing and have been more active since having a tram flap reconstruction.My arm is now starting to swell and ache for longer periods. Is this the time now to seek advice again and try a sleeve whilst typing ect as the swelling is not going down? I am resting the arm as much as possible with not much improvement.


Hi there,

Yes, definitely seek help from lymphoedema specialist as quickly as possible. I have found that increased pain/aching is usually a sign of something happening so don’t ignore it. Ask your GP to refer you to the clinic again urgently - but also worth giving the clinic a ring directly to ask for an appt (as you have been there before they might see you without another GP referral).
Good luck.


Hi Rowena,

Thanks, I will contact the clinic first