Swelling after mastectomy/flap reconstruction

Hi Everyone 

I am new to this forum. I had a mastectomy & flap rebuild on 19th January.(10 days go) My breast is so swollen and so painful, does anyone know how long swelling takes to go down. I’m really worried they have made my breast too big. Is this normal? I’m so worried. 
Thanks in advance 

Hi Nik888,

Sorry to hear about the pain following your surgery. I know from experience what it’s like to live on the edge of fear while we go through all of this. I had a mastectomy (no reconstruction) on Jan 13th and have had several bouts of ‘something’s gone wrong’ since then. I’ve not had much pain  but have had swelling and tightness. A couple of times I felt as if my surgery scar was going to burst open. It is natural to have these fears, I think. We don’t know what’s normal in these situations so our fears come up with something awful. This morning, I had my first post-op checkup. The swelling was due to a build up of fluid. It is normal. They drained it off without comment. What frightens us is all in a day’s work for them. Do you have a post-operative appointment coming up? There is nothing they haven’t seen. There is nothing they can’t deal with. I hope my experience offers some reassurance. The nurses, either at your hospital or on this site, are also incredibly reassuring if you have a wait yet for your next appointment. Hope all goes well.

Dunnock xx