swelling and pain in armpit, worrying needlessly?

hi all, just after some reassurance i guess, I’m 7 months post mast 2x1cm idc,1x5cm dcis,snb and 4node sampling, no node involvement and no further treatment as told everything was removed during surgery, thought i was doing ok and looking forward to appt with ps about recon as immediate igap recon failed and was removed after two days, anyway over the weekend felt strange stabbing pains in armpit and discovered a marble sized swelling in not far from node scar, have rang bc nurse today and have to go to clinic tomorrow,sorry for rambling as i said earlier thought i was doing ok! but am now feeling very anxious and scared, thanks all for listening,
sandra x

hi Sandra, i am so glad that you have got an appointment so quickly, so got everything crossed for you for tomorrow, lets hope the hours pass quickly for you and that everything is fine

Hi alison, I really appreciated your post,as you say I’m very lucky to get an appt so quickly at my local clinic, I’m just feeling a bit wobbly at the mo even though I’m sure all will be well, well! that’s what i keep telling myself. Really could kick myself though as when doing monthly exam in Feb found a small swelling in armpit and put it down to the fact i had a cold at the time and made mental note to check when cold had cleared, then things went a bit pear shaped ie made redundant, as the small company i worked for ceased trading,then non payment of redundancy pay, no pay in lieu of redundancy notice and to cap it all last salary cheque bounced!!! so what with sorting out letters of greivance and forms for employment tribunal i stupidly forgot about lump, that is till yesterday when felt stabbing pains and burning sensation in armpit and when i checked dicovered same lump but at least twice the size!! I’m not normally prone to overreaction but!!! so thanks again for your reply, take care,
sandra xxx

hope all goes well tommorrow, i am also going for an ultrasound tommorrow so can share your anxiety, i have posted under how soon can breast cancer recur heading, let us know how you are x

Thanks powerjen, good luck for tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed for us both, will check your thread tomorrow,
sandra xxx