Swelling hand and arm

Ok, this is the second time this has happened… I noticed a slight bruise like pain in my wrist today so I looked at my hand and saw that it was swelling up… had to remove my wedding ring etc. My arm was also swelling up…

Now, it didn’t last very long… about an hour or so but what I would like to know is, is it dangerous? What should I do about it? Can I do anything to stop it happening again?

Thank you xxx

have you had a mastectomy? Is it on that side? My arm does get a bit more swollen and sore after chemo, just had 2nd cycle of cmf and again it is sore and a bit stiff round the shoulder. I increase my exercises to 3 times a day and increase the moisturiser also and this seems to help it settle down quickly. keep an eye on it though cause there is a a thing called lymphodema, but don’t know a lot about it other than your arm swells. Maybe worth asking oncologist next time your there.