Swelling Under SNB Scar


I was treated for primary BC in 2018 and had SNB, which was negative, then chemo, 2x WLE, Herceptin and radiotheapy.  Now on Tamoxifen for 10 yrs.  I have been experiencing an aching in the affected armpit for a couple of months now, and when I examined myself, no swellings were found.  This morning, there is slight swelling directly under the scar on my armpit and the inside of my upper arm is a bit tender.  I spoke to my BCN this morning, who has booked me in to be seen on 20th Feb.  I have had a cough and cold, and also right now I have a large cut on the middle finger on the affected side. She asked if I shaved my underarms, which I do, and she thinks it may be a reactive lymph node.


I was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience.

Many thanks.


Hi Louise, how very sensible to get an appointment to get it sorted. If it makes you feel reassured I still experience pain where my WLE was, and that happened in 2017. Don’t shave my arm pits as hair doesn’t grow there due to rads, but also advised by BC nurse to use an electric razor if needed. I was advised to glove up for both gardening and washing up in case I cut myself, so if you have a cut it might very well be that it’s a bit infected. If so I’m sure antibiotics will sort it. I scratched my finger on a rock in the sea and it got infected. So easy to do. Us girls just need to be a bit more careful. I’ve abandoned the washing up to my husband, so one good thing came of it! Let us know what happens. Good luck.